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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Q. Compare and contrast Bill Parcells with other Cowboys head coaches on the subject of media access to the team and staff.

    TAYLOR: As all of you guys know, Parcells has rules for the media that a lot of other coaches don’t. He is the only member of the coaching staff allowed to speak during the season, which I don’t like because assistant coaches give you details and insight into strategy that head coaches are often too busy to do. There are a dozen or so assistant coaches so if you need one for 15 minutes it’s not nearly the time-sapping experience that it would be for the head coach if five different reporters each wanted 15 minutes with the coach. He also doesn’t allow you to watch practice, so it’s harder to see the development of players. That said, you actually get more time during the week with Parcells than we had with Chan Gailey, Dave Campo or Barry Switzer because he does a 30-minute news conference three days a week and 15 minutes on Friday. The downside is that you can’t get a one-on-one interview with Parcells like you could with any of the previous head coaches.

    Q. Why isn't there a "beat reporter" who has any real info regarding the Cowboys? It seems you guys were spoiled from years of Jerry then people like Switzer and Campo... never having to dig for a story as it presented itself in a gift-wrapped package?

    TAYLOR: That’s really a loaded question. Obviously, I don’t agree with your hypothesis. What constitutes real information? I mean three years ago, Antonio Bryant threw a sweaty jersey in Bill Parcells’ face during a closed practice and it was on the front page of the DMN the next day. We were the first paper to report the Cowboys were going to the 3-4, that Larry Lacewell was retiring, that Emmitt Smith was going to be a backup or he was going to be released, that Bill Parcells was turning down the temperature in the training room because he didn’t want it comfortable and he was eliminating domino games in the locker room, that Quincy Carter had been released and that’s just off the top of my head. We dig for stories all of the time. That’s all we do. Some are huge and some are small like writing that Torrin Tucker was going to be benched before Week 13 in 2005 or that Greg Ellis wanted a new contract as proof the Cowboys were serious about giving him more playing time this season. I’m biased, but you’re going to have to show me numerous instances where the DMN was beaten on stories.

    If Bledsoe goes down early in the season, do you think either Romo or Henson are capable of filling in and leading the team to a winning record? Also, how do you see T.O. handling this situation if it happens?

    TAYLOR: Nope. Romo has never thrown and NFL pass and Henson was benched at halftime of his only start. There’s no evidence to suggest they would succeed. They would have to prove it to me.

    What's the take so far on Bill Parcells tenure? Has he been worth the money? Is the organization changed to the point where they can now be regarded as team on the cusp of challenging for a spot in January on a regular basis or will this be 97-02 Cowboys when he leaves?

    TAYLOR: It has been a failure. He was brought here to win playoff games and make the Cowboys relevant. Dallas has zero playoff wins in his three seasons. Of course, that could all change this year. Dallas is better than when he arrived, but it’s about playoff success and he hasn’t had any in Dallas.

    During your days of covering the cowboys who is the one player who could have been the most arrogant, because of talent or status, yet was the most down to earth or humble?

    Mostly just talking about your interactions with them, not their on the field persona.

    TAYLOR: That’s easy: Deion Sanders. Once he became a born-again Christian, he became a much nicer person. That’s why I never questioned his religious experience. If you knew Deion before and after he became a Christian the differences are staggering. He’s one of my favorite people these days - and it’s not just because he has invited me to his 4th of July party the past few years.

    Most talented player you ever saw at camp for the Cowboys who fizzled out? Not based on draft position, but based on actual physical talent.

    TAYLOR: It’s not that Willie Blade was a great player. It’s that he was the laziest dude you ever saw and didn’t want to work to get the most from his talent. He could be a quality backup with Dallas right now if he had any work ethic.

    Have you ever considered doing a book about the Cowboys?

    TAYLOR: I just finished my first book about 25 Cowboys and the greatest game they ever played. I’m working on the proofs and it should be out in late July or early August. I’m also contemplating writing another one for next year. You’ll have to stay tuned for details on that one.

    why do you read the Zone? Do you find info here that you can't get through your sources? Do you do it to weigh the interest of the average fan and which stories will sell better? Or are you just an internet nerd like the rest of us?

    TAYLOR: I’m not arrogant enough to believe that I know everything going on with 53 players at every single moment. I’m not arrogant enough to believe that I have every good idea or that I can read every web site in America that has a blurb on the Cowboys. So I read as much as I can on my own and I visit 2-3 message boards several times a day to see if I have missed anything or if someone was an interesting idea for a story.

    Will the Cowboys win their 6th SB with Parcells as coach
    TAYLOR: Nope, because I think this is his last season.

    Q. In your opinion, what's the problem with Andre Gurode. He was so promising as a rookie and at times played extremely well last year. Why hasn't he panned out?

    TAYLOR: He’s inconsistent. He has great size and work ethic but he makes too many mistakes when it comes to making adjustments and line calls. But Parcells likes him and it will be interesting to see if he takes advantage of that to win the starting job this year.

    Will Julius Jones remain the starting RB or will he be unseated by Marion Barber?

    TAYLOR: Julius has the potential to be special; Barber does not. He can be a good, productive player but he doesn’t have the physical talent to be a star.

    Q. How did you get your start at the DMN? What would your advice be to future sports journalists?

    TAYLOR: I went to Skyline High School in Dallas and my journalism teacher wrote in my senior yearbook that she was certain I would one day be covering sports for The Dallas Morning News. That was always my goal from my junior year in high school and during my six - yes six - years at The Ohio State University. I had internships in college at The Cincinnati Enquirer, The New York Times and two at The Dallas Morning News, which hired me three weeks after I graduated. I covered Plano and Plano East for a year, high schools for two years, the Rangers for parts of two years before getting on the Cowboys’ beat in 1995.

    What do you think is your biggest strength and your biggest weakness professionally?

    TAYLOR: Biggest strength, contrary to my critics on the zone, is that I’m a dogged reporter. You Don’t stay on the most important beat at the DMN for 11 seasons without being obsessed with getting stories first. The thing I’d like to improve the most is my interview skills. I’m not talking about the day-to-day interview skills, but the interviews you do for long feature stories. Juliet Macur, who’s now with the NYT, was one of the best. So are Kevin Sherrington and Barry Horn, so I spend a lot of time talking to them about the craft of interviewing.

    Q. If you could do a one on one interview with any one Dallas Cowboys, past or present, player or coach, who would it be and why?

    TAYLOR: It would have to be coach Landry. It would be pretty fascinating to pick his brain on a variety of topics. Since I can’t do it, I spent a lot of time talking to Gil Brandt, one of my favorite people.

    If you could take any ONE player from the current Cowboys team to build a new team around, who would that be and why do you pick him?

    TAYLOR: DeMarcus Ware has the physical ability and work-ethic to be a star, and he plays a position that allows him to dominate a game. I think he has a monster year in 2006.

    How long will Bill Parcells stay on board as the Cowboys Head Coach?

    Enjoy him because this is it.

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    Nice work WL!
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    Very Nice....
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    Indeed, and thanks to JJT for taking the questions.
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    Thank goodness JJT has thick skin. He has to if he's reading this or any other board. Nice work, board mods. I like the idea of the local outlets getting involved in our little reindeer games. It lends a certain credibility. Now, what's JJTs handle/UID? :) And what of Gallaway? Anybody lined up Jen Eng, the little ball of hate yet?
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    Props to JJT and WG thanks a bunch
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    Thanks for the interview JJT and WG for making it happen.
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    Props to JJT for being so gracious by taking the time to answer our questions. Sounds real down to earth and genuine. But 6 years at The Ohio State? JJT wouldn't cut it at UM. :)
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    Thank you JJT for taking the time out your busy schedule to answer our questions.
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    Great stuff.

    I wish someone had asked if JJT had any favorite posters.

    I've got an interesting story for JJT TE Tony Curtis
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    Can't hide the fact that he is ticked off because BP won't talk to him. that is why I take ANYTHING he says about BP with a grain- LARGE GRAIN- of salt.
    Nothing suprising here. Have to laugh at his saying BP has done nothing- this team is MILES better then when he got here. though I think few people outside of the NFL realize just how PUTRID we were when he got here.
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    Thanks for answering all the questions and for picking my question.
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    Actually he did acknowledge that the team is better than before BP arrived. But he's gauging it on playoff wins. It's the same barometer that many on here use to gauge BP. So I don't see any difference in what he said and what others have said on here. Or don't you remember the many angry threads and posts about BP right after the season ended and we missed the playoffs and they had just stunk up the joint against the Rams? JMO.

    And Charles, I am his favorite poster. You don't remember him giving me a shoutout on his blog?? :p:
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    Thanks JJT!

    I always thought he was a great reporter and is a good guest on that Cowboys T.V. show that Brad Sham did last year.

    You can tell he reads the zone by the way he gave us long thoughtful answers and even commented on critics.

    You can also tell he does not like B.P. but if I was a beat reporter and the head coach cut me off from access to coaches/practice I would be a bit upset too.
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    That's the ironic thing about what he said. He's an insider, and knows the roster BP inherited. How can anyone say that a) taking Dave Campo's rag tag bunch to a playoff in his FIRST season, then b) gutting the roster the next season, was a failure?

    I don't get it. Season one was nothing short of astonishing considering the status quo at that time. That team was crap, JJT knows it as well as does the most casual observer.
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    those that gauge BP's tenure solely by Playoff Wins are missing the bigger reason that JJ brought him here- to put us in a position to be contenders for years. He has ALREADY done that. Now as regards playoffs, we have had some bad luck the last 2 years. Sure BP has made some mistakes- but he has made so many MORE good ones then bad ones it rankles me that hacks like JJT don't have the honesty to admit it.
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    JJT is just acting like a spoiled brat who now has to toe the line.
    I actually love the fact that BP pretty much gives all the mediots the finger.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    While I appreciate the fact that he took time to answer some questions...I still can't stand the guy's stuff . I hold him right up there with R. Galloway , and that's not very high . I completely avoid everything he or Galloway write unless it's posted on this board .
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    So who's so much better than us in the NFC that makes you think we won't at least make it this year?

    If the Oline comes together than I think we will be a force.

    Also everytime BP puts an emphasis on something in the offseason it seems to usually get better and up until Flozell got hurt our Offensive line was playing really well.
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    :cry2: :cry2: :cry2: Somebody get him a kleenex.

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