Zoners: possible RB late in draft...Jamaal Charles *Merge*

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Bravo!!! :bow: :thankyou: :clap:

    Fumblitis CAN BE CURED
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    I still like other backs better; Jamaal would probably do better in a Denver cut back running style offense like Denver or the Texans run but that is me.
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    The espn page sucks at keeping fumbles. Jamaal definitely fumbled a lot early this season. It was pissing us die hards off. Look at that highlight film. An example of his habit can be found right before the intermission in the last run vs. Rice. He's carrying it down the right sideline in his left arm, and he stiff arms with his right hand across his body. It looks very awkward. That can be coached.
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    it took awhile though
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    Those stats are incorrect... go to the UT website,, and look at the stats for the past 3 years for the real numbers...

    Charles has had a problem fumbling the ball, but it has gotten better, particularly over the last half of the season... it should be noted that before him, Selvin Young was a fumbling MACHINE for the Longhorns, pissin' off Horns fans enough that they nicknamed him "Godd*mnit, Selvin"...

    Young had two fumbles in 140 carries for the Broncos this year, losing one of them...

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