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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Jan 11, 2010.

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    I wouldn't want to be a quarterback in Sunday's NFC divisional playoff game. The Vikings led the league in sacks this year with 48, Of those, 25 have come at the Metrodome.

    On the other side, the Cowboys were seventh in sacks with 42. Of those 42, 23 came on the road.

    One would think the Cowboys' leading pass rusher, OLB DeMarcus Ware, would be at a disadvantage in rushing the passer since he's on the road against a team that can run the ball.

    But seven of Ware's 11 regular-season sacks and three of his five forced fumbles came on the road. And his best game of the season was at the Superdome against a then-undefeated Saints team that finished the season as the sixth-best running team.

    We'll talk about Ware vs. Bryant McKinnie as the matchup of the week. But McKinnie will have plenty of help. The last time the Vikings left him one-on-one with an elite pass rusher, McKinnie got spanked by Carolina's Julius Peppers and had to be pulled from the game.

    The other matchup of the week that will be discussed is Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams vs. Jared Allen. Adams is at a distinct advantage by being on the road and not being able to hear the snap count. Also, Allen is a different player at home.

    Of Allen's 14 1/2 sacks, 9 1/2 came at home. He had at least one sack in five of the eight home games, including 4 1/2 against the Packers. Of Allen's five forced fumbles, three came at home.

    With the Cowboys being so hot right now, I think it's assumed that Ware will be the most dominant pass rusher in the game. But it's hard to discount Allen considering where the game is and the fact Allen has had a week to rest.
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    This Minn reporter better think of our other rushers....Rat, Spencer, Spears, and James etc....on and on.....Go Cowboys!
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    Same can be said of the Vikes. They have 48 on the season and Allen only accounts for 14.5 of them.
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    yes, you are right.....don't make me nervous. ;-)
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    I'll predict that Flo will keep him at bay. Flo seems to rise to the occasion. MN better worry about number 93.
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    Didn't most of Allen's sacks come against Green Bay?

    also, hahaha, disadvantage on the road because Flo can't hear the snap count?

    he can't hear it anyways, you big dummy.(calling the reporter dummy, not crazy cowboy, don't need some dude in a mask pissed at me.)
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    lol....I DO NOT get mad at ANY Cowboy fans!

    We are going to win the Super Bowl together.....:star:
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    Typically it is the speed rushers that give Flo problems. Jared Allen is not one of them. I think he might get a sack, but for the most part I think Flo will contain him.
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    Flo can handle Allen. It's the noise and inability to hear the snap count that worries me with Flo.

    Speaking of Flo...the guy did a masterful job of completely shutting down Trent Cole for 2 weeks. We didn't hear Cole's name at all.
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    one of the big differences IMO is that Ware is better against the run the Allen. Jared is a great guy though as I've had the opportunity to meet him a couple times and he is very generous with all that dough Minnesota gave him.
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    We have four sacks in each of our past four games. The Vikings have only eight sacks total in their past five games. They had 31 in the first eight games of the season and only 17 in the second half. Our pass rush is clearly better than theirs right now.

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