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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Eric_Boyer, Jul 27, 2004.

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    and how to get them changed. :D
    PACE, Fla. (AP) - When neighbors raised a stink over Scott Teston's request to change his property's zoning from agriculture to business, he responded with a bigger one - he put 17 pigs in his yard.

    Scott LaCoste moved his nearby construction company Monday because of the stench. Mary Preston wants to sell her home, but potential buyers flee when they get a whiff.

    Santa Rosa County officials say the pigs are legal because the neighborhood is zoned agricultural.

    "I had raised some hogs. I know how bad it was," Teston said. "I knew it was going to get nasty."

    Linda Brown, whose yard is next to the pig pen, said the swine have attracted rats and flies, and slop overflows onto her property and a neighbor's retention pond when it rains.

    "God as my witness, that was his plan: to stink us out," Brown said. "It will literally take your breath away."

    Teston, owner of Pace Plumbing, said he initially sought rezoning in November for a day care center, but neighbors complained about traffic and stormwater runoff.

    The county's planning board offered a compromise - restricted commercial zoning that would permit a day care center but not most other businesses. Teston said he turned down that idea in case the day care center didn't work out and withdrew his request.

    Teston also must put up with the stench because he lives on the property with his wife and two young sons. He has listed it for sale or lease but may renew the rezoning request because some neighbors now are willing to drop their objections.

    "If it doesn't go through this time," he said, "I'll just put about 500 head of hogs out there."

    File this under the adage: "If a fly swatter won't do the job, use a sledgehammer"
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    Reminds me of a scene in forrest gump.

    Jogging along side Forrest...guy steps in dog doo.

    Man - I just stepped in Shat
    Forrest - It Happens
    Man - What...shat?
    Forrest - Sometimes.

    Or at least something along those lines.

    I do not know how others feel about that whole article...however IMO it just goes to show how some will take extreme measures, even if it is legal, to try and sway others into getting what he wants...but at the same time, was what the guy wanted really so bad or was it the other people being difficult to begin with?

    Sometimes things would go so much better if we just learned how to get along a little better.....<---BrainPaint needs to start taking that advice :eek:
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    I get the impression his neighbors were being more then a little unreasonable. They site their concerns as traffic and stormwater run-off. The fact that he is already zoned for agricultural use means it is a more rural setting to begin with. I could be wrong but that would be my prediction.
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    That is the part I was wondering about...as it was already zoned for agricultural means....it was just a wonder that others did not have some type of animals or use fertilizer for gardens that may put off a foul smell.

    Either way it just seems like two groups of people that did not want to work together so now both are suffering as I am sure the guy with the pigs probably does not like the smell either.

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