Zorn rumored to be on the chopping block...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by newlander, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Seven

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    Damn shame. There should be some kind of a quiz potential owners have to pass.

    He deserves another couple of years and complete authority to clean current roster. JMO, of course...........
  2. Chocolate Lab

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    That would be a very stupid thing to do.

    So there's a good chance Snyder does it.
  3. Cowboys22

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    They don't have more than a handful of players that can fit Cowher's schemes on either side of the ball. He would have to totally rebuild and that would take 3-5 years with there lack of draft picks this year and cap situation. Then there's always the little fact that Cowher is very close with Shotty who was treated very badly by Snyder. Cowher will be in such demand that he will not have to settle for the skins.

    GOLDENCHILD1688 Well-Known Member

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  5. CowboyWay

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    It makes sense.

    If you look at the way Zorn was hired. As OC, then all of a sudden lil danny says "Hey, you want to be HC?", it makes sense that he was just a stop gap until Cowher, or someone else came along.

    That team will never be successful as long as they change coaches every few years.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    this is a coach whose never been an offensive coordinator, think about that, and he's asked to run a team with a doofus at QB with little, overall talent
  7. Carl23

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  8. RoadRunner

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    You know I sometimes lose my patience with Jerry Jones, because of the lack of playoff success for a while now, but I certainly would not want to have Danny the boy king Snyder at the helm.
  9. Ren

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  10. bbgun

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    Well, Snyder does love shiny new toys. Another rumor has Zorn going back to Seattle.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    From 6-2 and playoff talk to 7-7 and playoff watching, clearly his stock has went south the last few weeks. The little general has to be fuming.
  12. ddh33

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    This is why you wait to write the story.

    A few weeks ago people had the Redskins as being one of the best teams in the NFC. Zorn was going to be coach of the year. Portis was going to be MVP...

    Now, they look like they'll finish the season in the cellar of the division.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    They are who we thought they were?

  14. Undisputed

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    Well uhhh....

    Hip Hip? :laugh2:
  15. MetalHead

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    Me so Zorny...me love you long time.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Wait... didnt they cut that 700 page playbook down to 1 page for Quincy v2.0??


    Actually I agree with this.... I was telling a Redskin poster that posts on here the same thing... all he did was botch and moan.... saying it was real and HE KNEW.... uh huh lol

    Yep. He outcoached us and get his players to outplay us.
  17. Hostile

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    I am opposed to this idea. I want to say "hail to the maroon, black, and yellow" for a loooooooooooooooooooong time.
  18. dbair1967

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  19. Mansta54

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    Let me tell ya, living in the DC area is pure heaven these days. Today, was absolutely wonderful...:lmao2:
  20. StylisticS

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    Which is why I do not believe they get Cowher. Cowher is not going to work for an owner like that.

    That said, all of my skins co-workers really want to get rid of Zorn in the worse way.

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