Zorn rumored to be on the chopping block...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by newlander, Dec 15, 2008.

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    Zorn may have never been a coordinator, but there's no excuse from going 6-2 to tanking to infinity. Campbell sucks, yeah, but they really folded like a cheap suit, and that's the HC's responsibility.

    Look at the Ravens' HC John Harbaugh-he was only a position coach his entire NFL career, and it was mostly ST(was only DB coach for one year last year). Look at the outstanding job he's doing with the Ravens.
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    Zorn if you are reading this...

    I predicted you would go 8-8 and finish last in the NFC East on September 13th, when you were like 6-2 and destined for greatness I still said you would fumble away the season. Redskins trolls here said I was crazy.

    Well whose crazy now?

    You will probably lose your job, as you should. You are way in over your head. You are inexperienced and were always a temporary fix, backup plan if Dan couldn't get the real coach he wanted.

    I will say this though, if you beat the eagles next week I will call you the "graetest coach in redskins franchise history."

    Now earn it.
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    Zorn seemed like a strange hire from the start. Once he held his first presser and started introducing his "interesting" practice methods, he appeared even more zany.

    Anyone catch his press conference today? In a bizarre moment, he started talking about the failures of last week (or the last few weeks, I can't recall) and said, "I feel like the worst coach in America." Just odd to hear, especially the way he said it.
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    LOL... in time, I just know that a coach who gets "Zorned" will be similar to a bowler who gets "Munsoned"...
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    Any owner in their decent mind would have promoted Gregg Wiliams. He had like 4 interviews with Snyder before pretty much getting his walking papers.

    My guess is that Williams wanted to run the Skins like a decent football team SHOULD(i.e. have a SYSTEM-and likely wouldn't have wanted to draft all those WRs in the 2nd round), but Danny Boy and his stubbornness to play FF kept him from promoting him.

    Like I said earlier-not all HCs were former coordinators. John Harbaugh was mostly ST coach with the Eagles before he got hired by the Ravens.
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    There are only two owners in the NFL that I believe capable of being stupid enough to fire a coach after one year.

    Al Davis

    Dan Snyder

    I wouldn't be shocked, at all, if the mental midget fired Zorn after one year and screwed around waiting for someone else to want the job only to have them all not want a thing to do with working for him and him having to settle on another poor guy who winds up in over his head like Zorn.

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