After everything, France will kick again (Eagles only 3 pt favs and Notes)

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    PHILADELPHIA -- In the past 99 games, the Eagles had no fear when it came to their kicking game, for it was an obvious strength. But the minor accuracy questions that emerged in the opener turned into a full-blown nightmare last week when Pro Bowl kicker David Akers missed what would have been his 100th straight start thanks to a torn hamstring.

    Since Akers’ leg blew up, the Eagles have had an extra point and a field goal attempt blocked, had a kickoff returned for a touchdown and even screwed up a couple of snaps.

    Andy Reid is cautiously optimistic the worst has passed.

    "I figured there would be a little adjustment there," Reid said. "David has been here for a lot of years and those guys are like clockwork. You put a new piece into the clock and sometimes it doesn’t work as smooth. They worked it out and I was confident he would be fine."

    The best news is rookie kicker Todd France bounced back with three field goals at Arrowhead Stadium last weekend after having one blocked and a kickoff returned 96 yards for a score by Dante Hall.

    A groundball snap by Mike Bartrum was especially uncharacteristic.

    "Mike doesn’t have too many bad snaps," Reid said. "Mike felt terrible about it and it didn’t happen again."

    France has the job again this week, as Akers is seeking additional medical opinions regarding his torn hamstring.

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    The Eagles had lost three straight games entering bye weeks until last year, when they defeated the Chicago Bears.

    Donovan McNabb threw an interception and Akers missed two fourth-quarter field goals in a sloppy but effective 19-9 victory.

    The Eagles are three-point favorites this Sunday versus the Dallas Cowboys (2-2) at Texas Stadium (4:15 p.m., Channel 29).

    The Eagles’ bye week begins after the game.

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    NOTES: Reid is 10-2 in his career against the Cowboys ... Cowboys linebacker Al Singleton attended Temple, guard Ben Noll, Penn ... Cowboys offensive coordinator Sean Payton was Eagles quarterbacks coach from 1997-1998 ..Cowboys tight ends coach Paul Pasqualoni was McNabb’s head coach at Syracuse... Eagles running Ryan Moats produced 56 touchdowns and a career-high 4,782 rushing yards at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas ... Thursday is the absolute worst day students at Nether Providence Elementary School in Wallingford want to fake an illness. The Eagles "Go Green School Recycling Tour" stops there with an impressive entourage of Eagles cheerleaders, Swoop the mascot and the Eagles Pep Band. The tour promotes recycling efforts and the chance for the school to win $5,000 from Staples and an Eagles player visit.

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