0-2 Yikes! This is a must win. Loser starts 0-2

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DeaconMoss, Sep 18, 2020.

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    I hate to say it sports fans, but this is one that Dak, Zeke, DLaw, Jaylon, Cooper have to be star players and rise to the occasion. A loss I think spells disaster for this team. Coaching staff can't lay an egg. They need to have some crafty plays in there to help this banged up Oline succeed despite the injuries. They need to have a solid game plan for this week. Can't lose at home. Atlanta is feeling the same pressure after getting embarrassed last week at home. This is going to be a tough game this week.



    Since 2007, 98 teams have started 0-2. Only 12 (12.2 percent) of them turned it around to make the playoffs and one of those (the 2008 Chargers) made it with an 8-8 record.

    The Texans and Seahawks last season, the Saints in 2017, the Dolphins in 2016, the Texans and Seahawks in 2015, the Colts from 2014, the 2013 Panthers, the Dolphins, Chargers and Vikings in 2008, and the

    2007 Giants are the only team to win the Super Bowl.

    Injury report
    Lael Collins-Hip

    Tyron Smith T Thu, Sep 17 Neck Did Not Practice on Thursday. Questionable for Week 2 vs. Atlanta
    Amari Cooper WR Thu, Sep 17 Foot Limited Practice on Thursday. Questionable for Week 2 vs. Atlanta
    Aldon Smith DE Thu, Sep 17 Teeth Did Not Practice on Thursday. Questionable for Week 2 vs. Atlanta
    Blake Jarwin TE Tue, Sep 15 Knee - ACL IR. Injured Reserve
    Cameron Erving T Tue, Sep 15 Knee - MCL IR. Injured Reserve. Expected Return - Week 5
    Leighton Vander Esch OLB Tue, Sep 15 Collarbone IR. Injured Reserve. Expected Return - Week 7
    Sean Lee OLB Thu, Sep 17 Sports Hernia IR. Injured Reserve. Expected Return - Week 7
  2. underdark

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    There are no must win games Week 2. I know more about hyperbole than any man living or dead, and this is it.
  3. CowboyRoy

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    Season is over. 5 guys cant win games.
  4. rocyaice

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    I wouldn't want to go 0-2 but in this division....where everyone is 0-1 but the Redskins? Hardly a must win.
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    Well I know 0-2 is not good but what do the stats say about 0-3.
    More than likely Smith will not play which means our offense which could have been expected to have some success against their defense. Is going to be tested on the line...
    To top it off with some other big names not practicing because of the country club mentality...

    0-2 is a certainty
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  6. DeaconMoss

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    Derailing the point. Leaders have to lead in these situations. Not expecting 5 guys to win the game.

    Historical Facts- 12% chance of making playoffs starting 0-2.
    Only one team has won a ring starting 0-2.

    Spin it however you want. This is a must win.
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  7. DeaconMoss

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    History shows that only five out of 173 teams (2.8 percent) to start 0-3 since 1980 have rallied to make the playoffs
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  8. Maverick84

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    come on... are you forgetting what happened in 1993 when we started 0-2??

    just kidding...
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  9. cowboynut

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    0-2 = 8-8
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  10. thunderpimp91

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    This is an important game because they cowboys should be expected to beat a mediocre atlanta team. Going 0-2 in this division isn't the end of the world though.
  11. CowboyRoy

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    If Smith and Cooper are also hurt this game is meaningless. And thinking a handful of players is supposed to be held accountable because the rest of them suck is plain nonsense.

    Supposedly Dak sucks anyway so how can be held accountable?
  12. John813

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    Or they could end up in a tie.

    0-1-1 here would be amazing next week.
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  13. pansophy

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    All this says is that bad teams are far more likely to start 0-2. It’s not a must win mathematically, but it may suggest we don’t have a very good team. But things can change through out the season as well. We get Collins back on the OL, and teams improve. Totally new scheme on defense. So let’s see how it plays out.
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  14. starfan1

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    History suggest you don't want to lose this game. That being said we have yet to play a divisional game and ours sucks so I don't think a loss spells doom. It does however give you a barometer of where you are at and that is not good. Don't mean it cant get better but its not good.
  15. Adreme

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    I mean that is sort of an unfair example of a statistic that likely does not tell the whole story. The reason that only 1 SB team has started 0-2 is because teams that are capable of winning the SB usually are not teams that get tripped up easily in the regular season. You are more likely to win the SB with a bye and you are very unlikely to get a bye if you start 0-2. The Cowboys are already very unlikely to get a bye anyway so really the game is just a simple divisional matchup. I do not really see the Cowboys being down more than 1 game after this week anyway so it is far from a must win.
  16. DBOY3141

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    the cowboys themselves are a mediocre team.
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  17. Jipper

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    Bottom line is defense sucks, oline is devestated and coaching staff didn’t have a real offseason to prepare.

    I’d be shocked to see 8-8 this year
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  18. Future

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    Doesn't matter. Division winner can be 9-7, and the schedule is way easier after week 3.
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  19. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    0-2 with 0-3 staring you in the face the next week. We need to win Sunday.
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  20. SeanLee50

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    Came to say this.

    If we lose, Washington and Philly should lose. The Giants have a toss up.

    But anything can happen.
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