0 of 22 first round QBs drafted between 2009-2016 still with the team that drafted them

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RonnieT24, Mar 4, 2021.

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    Listening to Donny and Sorois on the Ticket and they are doing a segment called "First round QBs suck." and then went through all 22 QBs that were drafted in the first round during that time frame and it shocked even me that not a single one is still with the team that drafted him. And almost half of them are out of the league.. Most of the ones still around are backups and not one is playing at a high level consistently these days. Wow.. just wow.. All the more reason that the Cowboys need to hang onto the guy they got and not waste draft capital trying to replace what they already have. No don't destroy your cap with the deal.. but the evidence is overwhelming that drafting a QB in the first round does little or nothing to guarantee the guy's gonna turn out to be any good.
  2. Ranching

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    That's pretty remarkable when you think about it. Wow!
  3. Jake

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    Says a lot about talent evaluation in the NFL, at least at that position. The last time Dallas tried to trade into the first round for a QB it was for Paxton Lynch. Thank John Elway for dodging that bullet.
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    I also heard that some NFL scouts said it's tough to look at this without adding some caveats. Some of these QBs ended up with bad teams and bad situations. One scout said that people don't realize if you are a good QB who gets stuck on a bad team for years, it could stunt your development and end up out the league. Also, some guys taken by bad teams do get better after getting out from under the crap situations they are in (take Ryan Tannehill for example). There's no doubt the hit rate on first round QBs (shoot any round QB) isn't great but the 0 for 22 is a bit skewed according to what I had heard.

    Last also note you are seeing some first round QBs in recent drafts have success - Mahomes and Allen for starters. Murray looks like a player. Burrow was off to a great start before getting hurt. Herbert was also playing very well for a rookie. Lamar Jackson has his warts but he's been pretty good. Mayfield also has his issues but he's been at least serviceable.
  5. WillieBeamen

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    Why not include 2017?

    This is the definition of nitpicking
  6. Sydla

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    I am guessing they just went with 2016 because that was the year Dak was drafted. But if you are trying to make the case we need to bring Dak back because first round picks won't work out, like you said, it's a bit disingenuous to not include the last few drafts that have shown some pretty good QB prospects get drafted in the first round - Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Burrow, etc.
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  7. Avery

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    Its also disingenuous to not include Dak's rookie year when talking about him as a QB. Yet. It happens daily on here lol.
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    Go all the way back to the year 2000 and you will be shocked at the amount of 1st round QB's that were either total failures, career backups, or never lived up to their 1st round draft position. We are talking close to 65% of 1st round QB's fall into one of those three categories.
  10. starfan1

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    so you'll feel better if they add the 3 QBs drafted to be adjusted to 3 of 22. 2 of which may very well be elsewhere very soon. you can do better than that.
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  11. rocyaice

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    While true...even if you add quarterbacks from later years.....still bad. Tribusky and Darnold are about to be added to that list. Deshaun is begging to join them.
  12. MarcusRock

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    Maybe because a QB drafted in 2017 would still be on his rookie contract. It's only this year that a player would play through any 5th year option if not extended.
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  13. 65fastback2plus2

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    who cares what team theyre with...are they still a starter, thats what matters.
  14. Jake

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    Actually, what you're doing is nitpicking because you don't like the result. It's a defined period of factual information.

    But as they say in every investment pitch, past performance is no predictor of future results...with the possible exceptions of Jerry and Stephen Jones.
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  15. jterrell

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    QBs are very, very hard to find.

    The top 5 QBs in the NFL last year are something like:
    Brady Late round pick
    Mahomes --pick 10
    Watson --pick 12
    Russ --R3 pick 75
    Rodgers --pick 21/2 iirc

    Add Brees Round 2 as an elite who finally fell out of top 5.

    You have really no decent shot at a true franchise guy drafting them top 5. It's all a crap shoot and if you are a bad team with no QB development they will certainly fail.

    When you get a good QB you keep them until you replace them.
  16. RonnieT24

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    The team that dumped them clearly cares.
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  17. jazzcat22

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    But I read on here hundreds, if not thousands of times. That only Dallas sucks at FO player acquisitions.
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  18. hittheskids

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    Not at all. First round picks in 2017: Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson. Teams own players for the first four years anyway, so through 2020. Trubisky is a bust, Mahomes is Mahomes, and Watson is demanding a trade and has unperformed.

    After this free agency season my guess is only Mahomes is still with his original team. So probably 1 in 25.
  19. JW82

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    Crazy. Really only 7 of the 14 since then look safe to stay on the same team.




    EJ Manuel




    X Mahomes

    X Mayfield
    X Allen
    X Jackson

    X Murray
    X Jones

    X Burrow
  20. jazzcat22

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    I would not include Watson in that group.

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