10 things I think I think entering week 3

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jterrell, Sep 20, 2021.

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    1. I think Dallas made another way to laugh at all of Draftnik nation once again with Micah Parsons. So many hate off-ball LB but one could argue Parsons just played a better DE game than any game DeMarcus Ware had as a rookie. This is example Infinity of how often teams get it right and fans get it wrong. But Randy Moss and TJ Watt will live on forever anyway.

    2. I think Dallas can really draft. The young guns of late that have been drafted highly are impactful and improving. Lamb, Parsons, Diggs were noticeable on that field.

    3. I think Dak has proven he can take some big shots post injury.

    4. I think Tony Pollard has a wonderful game. With the scheme LAC played he was able to get to space and gain big yards. Really impressive quickness and a commitment to plays we need.

    5. I think Zeke had a very good game as well. 97 yards on 18 touches with some timely assist again in the blocking game. He is the inside the tackles guy at this point. And he and TP compliment each other very well.

    6. I think that was a low key monster win. LAC is a good young team and Dallas has plenty of talent but you remove DLAW, Gregory, La'eL, Gallimore and your 2nd round pick and man that talent takes a major hit. This game was a big one to win with some softer foes to outclass coming up.

    7. I think Dallas should win each of the next 3 games. Philly, Carolina, NYG. Those teams have major talent deficits to overcome.

    8. I think Monday night games are among my least favorite. Older get the more I shift to old man sleeping patterns and starting off a work week with a lack of sleep on Monday night is just gross.

    9. I think fans obsession with Jaylon Smith is just borderline creepy at this point. He's absolutely overpaid but the constant need to rag on or even discuss the guy is just stalkerish. Let that dude live and move on. When the D is healthy he'll largely be on the bench.

    10. I think we are easing into my favorite time of the year. Football is back and NBA is on it's way. Temp on the back patio is amenable to grilling and lounging.
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  2. Denim Chicken

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    Carolina, is playing pretty well actually.
  3. adbutcher

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    Jaylon and LVE had a good game.
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  4. jterrell

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    They have played an awful Jets team winning by 5 and beat up the Saints who are rather unknown.
    They have a solid defense but the offense is very limited.
    They are not very talented with only 1 WR and 1 RB to speak of.
    Sam Darnold is just a much higher drafted Ryan Fitzgerald who has some occasionally excellent highs but a lot of lows.
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  5. BourbonBalz

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    Especially on defense. They destroyed New Orlean’s offense.
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  6. jterrell

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    Decent chance both guys are on their final years in Dallas just due to cap costs so having them play hard and well to get through this season is huge.
    Teams can't just target those guys if Neal, Cox and Parsons also rotate through the LB slots.
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  7. morasp

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    Good notes. I think it was huge to get Martin back at RG. I think Cee Dee is pretty decent as a RB. In slow motion he ran right past would be tacklers.
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  8. INCowboysFan

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    Cox hasn't played a single defensive snap in the first two games. I get that fans want to see what the young rookie can do, but it's pretty apparent that any contributions we get from him this season will be on special teams (barring injury to Parsons, LVE, Smith and Neal, of course).
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  9. stinkface

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    Slow down Grasshopper. "Parsons just played a better DE game than any game DeMarcus Ware had as a rookie."

    DW had 8 sacks as a Rookie. Lets see how this plays out before we start comparing Parsons to a Hall of Fame linebacker. You could be right, but time will tell.

    PS. I agree with the rest of your post. I do think Carolina is going to be a tough game. Their QB beat us when he played for the Jets for goodness sakes and he has a much better team in Carolina then he had there.
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  10. jterrell

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    Rhule builds tough defensive-minded teams.
    But it's also possible NO is just not that good.

    They basically are playing run the ball or throw it deep with Winston and to do that you gotta be able to really block it up front.
    Versus Carolina they couldn't.

    I'd be pretty disappointed but not shocked if Dallas lost a home game to the Carolina roster

    Then again if players keep dropping like flies perhaps not shocked at all. Guess we shall see in a couple weeks.
  11. baltcowboy

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    They have a good young defense. Their offense has some serious weapons. The issues they have is their offensive line. Dornald lit us up in New York a few years ago. Probably the best team we will play in the 3 home game stretch.
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  12. NotForLong

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    I concur up until the NBA:espn: (just imagine it says NBA instead of ESPN ;))
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  13. baltcowboy

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    Saints had injuries like we did last week against the Chargers. Football is such a week to week sport. I believe we can beat any team on are schedule but we can also lose to everyone as well. Coaching is the key to this season.
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  14. CowboysFaninHouston

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    nice post.

    I think the last two drafts have been good, specially on the defensive side, given our history the 15 years before. hopefully they will continue to show.
    I agree, Pollard/Zeke combo is lethal. each individually may not be.....
    Its good to win on the road. we had two road games. two tough road games and came out 1-1. that's good.
    We should win and be favored the next three games. but carolina will be tough test....well, lets see if carolina can domiante this week as they should.
  15. CATCH17

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    Listening to Jerry on the radio it sounds like Pollard is going to be a big part of the offense going forward.
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  16. NotForLong

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    Micah is gonna wipe out McCaffrey
  17. jterrell

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    I am 100% not saying Parsons will be better than Ware!!!
    But those who were around for Ware's full career saw him come in very raw having played Safety and LB in college so he was really raw.
    Parsons had more pressures last week than ware had in any game as a rookie.
    Sacks are a tragically bad stat to use in a vacuum.

    Also agree on Darnold. He has some really good games but many really bad ones.
    I watched that Jets game from a bar in Rome and it was one of the worst Cowboys viewings of my life.
    The Jets dysfunctional team really owned us along the lines.
    All that said, I think people are overrating Carolina based upon two early season games. 1 versus a potential 1st draft team int he Jets they won by 5 and another versus an imploding GB team who's QB demanded a trade and missed all off-season.

    But if that team shows up in 2 weeks and plays really well I'll definitely eat crow.
    As is though I do not consider any of the next three opponents in the class of the first two.
  18. McKDaddy

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    Good post JT

    I think this was a very good win against a talented young team. Especially considering the players we were missing. Could loom large later in the year.

    I don't look at any NFL game as easy. I think we can win all of these but I'm not going to overlook any of them. Philly & Carolina certainly have they type players we tend to struggle containing. We are still making a lot of mistakes that can sink you at any time. Let's just take it one step at a time.
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  19. Aven8

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    It was evident Sunday that they rode the hot hand. In fact they had both of them in at the same time quite a lot. This is a win win. Moore has gotten smart and realized I don’t have to have Zeke carry it 400 times per season to get production. Zeke will be needed late in the stretch when we are going for the playoffs.
  20. CATCH17

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    17 game season.. You might as well start using 2.

    1 guy carrying the rock for 17 games doesn’t seem realistic.
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