10 things I think I think playoff edition

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jterrell, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Excellent post, I think you're right. If we can jump on them early I believe we can put them away with a 2 score game. Regardless, even if we do getting a little padding it will continue to be a hard fought game until clock hits zero.
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    Great post...
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    You didn't say, "I think," therefore motion denied. Lol.
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    The problem with run game dependence is any penalty pretty much kills a drive and then you have to run it well in the red zone which can be a different caliber of tough.
    SF has only run the ball for 3 more yards per game than Dallas. They are more efficient with it but hasn't been all roses. Only Mitchell and Samuel of RBs average more than 4.5 yards per carry.
    Dallas run stopping woes are greatly exaggerated largely because they had so many guys on that defense cycling out with injuries and COVID. This is the healthiest they have been all year and they have the horses to stop the run.

    If Dallas passes it well early that run game becomes tough to rely on as you don't want to shorten a game you are losing by multiple scores.

    The Dallas blueprint is there. Attack the Cover 3 early and get ahead, Stop the SF run by shutting down Samuel and force Jimmy G to throw it either into coverage or at Trevon Diggs where Jimmy's accuracy has to scare the 49ers coaches to death.
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    Blackie was Scattershooting which I also do:)

    I think I think is Peter King who is an Arkansas guy.

    Blackie is legit the GOAT to me.
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    I disagree that their run stopping woes are overstated. I think they are there. But I feel they can be mitigated by scheme. And the SF pass offense is ok but stoppable.

    SF has a fine, efficient offense. And the defense is coming on. But there is opportunity there I think Dallas can exploit.
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    They cannot face Eagles unless it’s the conference championship
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    sounds like peter king. word for word actually.

    maybe make it 5 things... or 8.
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    10 keys to winning:

    1. Play fast and up tempo. Do not slow the game down to the benefit of the niners.
    2. Need to take multiple deep shots. Niners worst against the pass of 15 yards or greater.
    3. Expect trick plays, misdirection and lots of Deebo.
    4. Diggs cannot bite and gamble on double moves.
    5. Jumbo lines should work well against the niners and be sure Pollard is involved.
    6. Get Coop going early
    7. Let the Lion roar and roam. Line him up everywhere. It’s time to totally unleash him.
    8. Run blitz a lot. Get them behind the sticks and make Jimmy beat us. Not a great 3rd down team.
    9. Dak needs to scramble and show he’s a threat to pull it down and run with it.
    10. Greg the Leg - has to hit his kicks.
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    no way
    AZ will school us
    Brady has fewer weapons and we can take him
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    AZ didn't school.us.

    Came down to stopping their last drive. I know we didn't but I rather play them at home than tampa on to he road
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    Can't start slow. Receivers have to catch everything in their zip code even if not between the numbers. And Zeke Elliot has to step up his game. Moore has to call a game with imagination and motion. DQ has to have his run stopping game on point. We have the horse power to win if our guys in all 3 phases show up.
  13. visionary

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    this is the Key also
    Our WRs have a bad habit of dropping passes, that cannot happen (esp you CD)
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