10 things I think NFL Draft week edition

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jterrell, Apr 28, 2021.

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    shouts to sports journalism before first take was the model.

    1. I think it is a great development that fans are more educated now on prospects than ever before via youtube, analytics and Podcasts. But understanding that added knowledge is still very finite goes a long way.

    2. I think I have my pets and you may have yours and end of day we are going to get what we get. I have about the same chance of dating Rihanna as any of us have of the Cowboys considering what we think about a single prospect.

    3. I think the Cowboys choices really come down to a trio of players: PS2, Horn, Slater or a trade down. If you move down and still have one of those 3 consider yourself lucky.

    4. I think we have to understand every year of every draft eternally fans and teams overrate draftees. Comps for every guy are made and you end up with 5 Hall of Famers and 12 first team All Pros. It's unfair to heap those expectations on these guys.

    5. I think is perfectly fine to have pet cats but there are no sacred cows. I loved Pat Mahomes before he was drafted. BUT he never made me like Dak one percent less. I see far too many "media" members who are guilty of that. And that leads to some really bad opinions being shared until they infect the fan base.

    6. I think round 2 could be the key to this draft for Dallas. Last year they grabbed Diggs and they ended up being a really good rookie value. The team needs to hit in R2 again because top 50 talent is hard to come by.

    7. I think this is the NFL's 3rd best offense on paper right now behind KC then Tampa. And it'll be interesting to see if Tampa can manage to the aging bodies they employ.

    8. I think Dallas prefers Jaycee Horn to PS2 because the coaching staff does. McCarthy coached Horn in two stops and including being his OC during Horn's peak as both Horn and McCarthy seemed to get promotions from KC to NO.

    9. I think IF 8 is correct and Horn is the choice that is fine by me but it is then on the coaches to make up the difference in day 1 readiness and technique between PS2 and Horn. It's scary because DAL has fared best with the safest picks versus the gambles but here we are.

    10. I think I'd be fine if Slater is selected because he is a Zack Martin clone and those guys make you better across the board. You can play your best 5 OL in that scenario and shift people in case of injury without being exposed. I'm heavy defense for sure but last year if Rashawn Slater had started at OT over Steele or Knight this team probably wins 2 more games.
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    j, enjoy this now because there's going to come a time when you can't think 10 things about anything.
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    good nuggets
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    With all the draft capital they have, they really need to get 2 starters out of this draft, preferably both on defense.
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    I think that was a good read, thanks. :thumbup:
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    i'm 48 so it's probably closer than I wanna admit lol.
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    I think you are spot on with 8-9. Granted, this is a different staff, but the recent track record of deferring to the coaches for high picks has not produced great results (Hill, Charlton, cough, cough). At least here, as some have noted, Horn is also mocked and rated by most in a similar range as Surtain, so it's not like we'd be passing up Surtain to take a flier on a guy graded much lower.

    I still don't like it but it's not terrible.

    I also don't believe Slater is a Zach Martin clone. There aren't many like Martin. Slater might be one of the more overrated players in the first round IMO.
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    I think you may be susceptible to carpel tunnel syndrome, after typing all that.:omg: (I gave you a "like" for your trouble, tho!):grin:
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    Yes, I'd be real happy with Slater as well. A youth injection could be great for this oline.
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    Great post- thank you!
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    I think there are some really nice OL pieces that could be added...some that have that nasty attitude you want in an OL.
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    Well, not out loud, at least...

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