Twitter: 103.3 cowboys insider segment

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LocimusPrime, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Noclaf

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    Because he is all about himself to the point of being gross about it.
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  2. Noclaf

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    People look up the videos of Jaylon just getting destroyed play after play. Even the blind lucks into a few good plays here and there
  3. Bullflop

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    It sounds like Mike McCarthy will have his hands full trying to get this dysfunctional bunch on defense to get their heads straight. Jeez, from the looks of things, it seems we've got too many hair-brained players like Jaylon acting up and causing dissention. Let's just hope he's somehow able to set things straight. Obviously, he'll have his work cut out for him. Good luck with that. :rolleyes:
  4. Zordon

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    I can't believe he got rewarded with a pro bowl. Can we get a recount? Dude should have went into this off-season humbled.
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  5. Typhus

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    To a degree, that's true, but its how you use the media.
    McCarthy is going to have to use the media as a tool in order to impose his will over Jerry if he is going to be a successful HC here.
    If McCarthy is destined to become the next great HC of the Cowboys, he will have to know the art of controlling the media in certain situations when behind closed doors, when
    he is in disagreement with Jerry and how Jerry wants his show run.
    If he cant or fails to do this, he becomes yet another puppet just like Garrett.
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  6. Bullflop

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    It's disappointing, at best, to discover this team has had such festering problems and that Garrett hasn't had the wherewithal to put a stop to it. Seems like a firm hand will be required to straighten this bunch out. It's been said lately that MM is a no-nonsense type. It sure looks like he'll have to prove it. Where in the world did all these jerks come from? Grown men are supposed to know better. Man, do we ever need a leader! SMH . . . :mad:
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  7. Floatyworm

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    Funny Richard had no problem doing this...Infact it sure looked like he enjoyed it.....But get in his boys face....Na :popcorn:

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  8. black label

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  9. Qcard

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    Agreed @starman22, Goff was off this year but there's no denying McVays staff and coaching improved Goff significantly. They are still reigning NFC Champs.
  10. glimmerman

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    Jaylon joining in celebrations shouldn’t be a problem. Not many plays this season to celebrate. Jaylon changing the plays to the wrong ones is a problem. I think missing LVE hurt. Lee should be taking over any play changed on the field. I am hoping that LVE is gonna be ok. Lee will retire soon and if LVE is gone it leaves us with just Jaylon. We went from having the best LB corps to nothing. As far as JG getting the nasty text, well let’s just say that likely was happening from day 1. He never had this team to begin with and the players knew it. They liked him because they police themselves and didn’t want it to change. If JJ truly gives MM control there is gonna be major backlash for a while. Like a dog that’s never been on a leash and you put them on the leash and they flip out.
  11. Dak_Attack_09

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    Trade him for Klein
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  12. bark

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    I think Klein is a free agent this year.
    If that’s the case, just go get him
  13. Fastpitch Dad

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    I don't believe I've ever agreed with any post that dude has made. But that's cool, we all have our opinions.

    I can't see how anyone thought Jaylon was good last year, the most disappointing player on the team in my opinion.
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  14. ondaedg

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    There is film of Jaylon not even making an effort to get to the ball carrier when he had blockers. He was pretty much useless unless he had a clean run at the rb.
  15. cej757

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    Now I know where all those Ed Werder sources were coming from during the T.o. days. Garrett was the leak all along. :mad:
  16. glimmerman

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    Wouldn’t surprise me. He had no control and hands were tied. So let things to the media so JJ has to deal with it. Or JJ asks JG to deal with it. Sabotage.
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  17. lockster

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    They are that awful, you don't give up on competition just because you are going to lose. That's what losers do!!!! What spoiled Brats do, what weak minded ppl. Do, what selfish ppl. Do. And what you don't ever do for sure, is give up while U have teamates playing to win! Are you kidding me? These type of guys you find on every sports field in every gaming room in America. And you know what they are? Losers because they don't fight to win regardless of score, they are losing the opportunity to get better, and show what little pride they have and integrity. I use to spit guys out on the soccer and football field for this thing. You know what you do with guys like this? You simply run them into the ground. Once you detect lack of effort, you simply know all you got to do, is make them have to work harder and wear their Hineys out! I had a big ole boy on the football field tell me, " do you ever get tired? ". I said , "no. I can go like this all day". He lost the game right at that very moment. And I'm sure that's exactly how he lived his life off the field , and going all day, is how I live my life. You don't just turn it on when U want and think you can do whatever you want. You play the game the way you live Ur life.
  18. The Fonz

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    It is all on Jerry no mater how you slice it.... he created this mess.JG was a head coach in title and can't say no to Jerry... If you want a chance of success, father and son should not be allowed near the facility.
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  19. iowast8rs

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    The tension between Richard and the LB coach makes sense...maybe Richard was telling him to control your LB
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  20. bayeslife

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    He had a very good season by the numbers. I know nobody wants to acknowledge it because he likes to celebrate but those are facts.

    Regardless, if there’s anyone that can straighten Jaylon out, it’s Nolan. He knows how to turn talented linebackers into all pros.

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