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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Oct 8, 2018.

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    This. Plain and simple. But let's not dare say anything about the QB play. The only thing I look forward to watch is the defense for Dallas. At least the defense looks to have a bright future.
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  2. aaev84

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    Geez. Tired of hearing its everyone but Dak nonsense. QBs make or break a name for WRs for the most part... The only evidence we have from Dak is that he breaks WRs. FACT!
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  3. America's Cowboy

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    Such facts should shut them up...

    But it won't .

    They can say they don't hate Dak...

    But they do.
  4. Chuck 54

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    Simple math presented in OP. Catches and yards by the Houston TE and #1 receiver.
  5. Number1

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    we all tend to exaggerate things here - but no QB even averaged 300 YPG in 2017

    this O isn't even designed to get you 300 in the air - even at a stellar 8.5 YPA x 30 attempts only gets you 255y ... +125 on the ground would win 4 of 5 games

    Tony's best year was 247 YPG on 29 attempts a game

    consider at 30 attempts a game a monster 6%TD rate only gets you 28 TDs on the year - that wouldn't get a QB in the top 10, but in this O it could win it all
  6. The Fonz

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    Let's not be too emotional about players.Just replace Dak and this team will preform better.
    Yes we need a better WR a better TE and so on but you build your team around a good quarterback not the way around.
  7. stasheroo

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    That "embarrassment" includes the quarterback. It's time to stop placing the blame on everyone except him. In doing that, nobody is saying these receivers and tight ends are great. It's not either/or here, it's both. But the quarterback is every bit of the problem this team is having offensively.

    Look no further than his drops. Prescott has no timing whatsoever. No confidence, no anticipation, no trust. The ball never comes out on time, and it never goes where it should when it should. If anything, I give the receivers credit for not coming out in a full-scale mutiny after running routes all night and the ball getting there late, off-target, or not at all.

    There's a reason why every receiver's numbers get monumentally worse playing with this quarterback. And blaming it all on each and every one of them is being ignorant of the huge constant in the equation.
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  8. zeke21

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    Go back and look at Romo's last drive.. even to a 'casual' observer it was clear how much better our offence looked with him in the game.. Dak looked good behind the best Oline in the league, with the best RB and a HOF TE and Dez to extend the field.. literally anyone could have driven the bus in 2016.

    I'm not saying the lack of WR isn't hurting.. but great QBs MAKE WR look better.. our crap QB makes our WR look worse/horrible.. and he drove Dez out of the game because he couldn't get his production up.. there was a guy who posted a vid last year that showed how many times Dez was 'romo open' last year but the ball didn't get released OR it was thrown high/wide/short etc etc.. Dez could have easily had a 1000 yard season last year and still had his job.

    Front Office and coaching is hurting but QB is killing us quickly. Dak is, and always has been, a solid back up bus driving QB. The kind of guy that can do well in relieve when defences haven't spent all week watching film.. now they have film on him.. he will never dominate a game again.. ever. He simply does not have the pocket awareness, arm, accuracy, throwing mechanics, reads and talent to be successful in this league. Called in in October of 2016.. he is RGIII all over again but without the knee as an excuse.

    And yep.. I am still hurting that our HOF QB wasn't even given the chance to compete to win HIS team back. Disgraceful. Utterly disgraceful and now we, the fans, have to pay for their hubris.
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  9. Captain-Crash

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    nice post, 100 percent agree.
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  10. silvrNblue

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    Argue over which player is causing us to be a win 1 lose one, win one, lose one team all you like, I place all this lack of energy and will to drum the other team into dust at the smiling lacky clapping on our side line...I didn't bother to watch the game, I already knew the out come a week before. Were not going any where with JJ running **** from his sky booth and Garrett in charge of the show. I flat out blame the HC and yes call me what you will, but bottm line is, we have good enough players to win consistently if Garrett wasn't such a puss.
  11. rags747

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    Who said anything about 300 ypg average?
  12. rocyaice

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    Oh I don't agree that Dak is a part of the problem. He doesn't look like he can play in this league. He looks like a guy who's good in doses like backup qb's are.

    But let's understand what Dak is. He's a 4th round pick who lit the league on fire his first year. He struggled half of last season and is struggling this year.

    You know his limitations. I know his limitations. We know what he's good at and what he's bad at.

    So this organization decides to make his receiving core WORSE and he doesn't even get into a preseason game with the guys. So in what we all kind of consider a make or break year they don't give him better options....they give him WORSE right after Witten retires and they let go of Dez.

    This approach is MORONIC. There is no way around it.

    He came into this league with Carson Went and Jared Goff who have superior weapons and keep getting better weapons.

    There was never a plan here with Dak. There was never a plan here to make Dak better. The plan was we are going to ride Zeke out and Dak will just get better because that's what players do. Get better. But they didn't get a QB friendly OC in here. They didn't get a QB coach with skills on the wall.

    So while I agree Dak is a part of the problem.....he was set up to fail. And that's on Stephen and Jerry. Garrett too for being stupid enough to let it go down in a make or break year for himself. Unless Garrett wants to get fired which he very well may want to. Maybe that's everyones plan......to suck bad enough to get out of here and go to greener pastures.
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  13. ryanbabs

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    Agree 100%.
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  14. rocyaice

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    Yes....he broke the great Deonte Thompson and Allen Hurns. You guys spend all offseason telling us Dak sucks....but he has the worst receiving core in the league. How does that make sense?How are you so bad that your organization decided to surround him with even worse options?
  15. tecolote

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    Check out Houston’s #1 receivers stats when they had Osweiler. It’s all on the QB.
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  16. pitt33

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    And you just know the FO made no real effort to upgrade this off-season as they have some long term deals coming up with Tank and Zeke up next.
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  17. Roadtrip635

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    Would Gronk and Edelman be considered retreads or JAGs?
  18. FLCowboyFan

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    To be fair they were on the brink of winning the games before he took over. It's not like they stunk and then flipped a switch.
  19. BoysForLife

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    Those aren't facts. At best they are opinions or half truths. At best

    And you don't have to hate Dak to recognize his limitations. It's nothing personal

    Personally he's probably a good guy. He's just a horse**** quarterback who's in way over his head. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less
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  20. Reid1boys

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    Uhmmmm... you do know they were getting their arses kicked... I think down by 14 or 17 at halftime when he basically took over and he led an offense that was inept in the first half up and down the field in the second half.

    The team is day and night different between tyrod Taylor vs mayfield at qb.
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