1992: Real defensive speed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jun 27, 2022.

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    Methinks it's high time to start living in the present and not the past . . . let's live for today. There are those who can and will make us winners. Seems too bad that this FO isn't willing to take the plunge that it takes to hire them. There's a solution in sight for a management willing to make it happen. ;)
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    Aikman had it like that. No other nfl qb ever had better teams around him tbh.
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    Bradshaw, Montana, Young, Elway, Staubach, Warner.... there have been a few.

    But agreed, Aikman didn't have to carry it.
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    #1 D in the league and not a pro bowler on it. That, is team defense and the best team tackling one I have ever seen.

    Some D’s like to say “meet at the ball” but those players meant it. RAC was at a minimum because rarely was it one tackler.

    They deserved a nickname and since Miami had already coined the “No Name D”, they should have been “The Swarm”.
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    As you watch it, you see Haley get a sack on Ripen. I'd suggest most of those of us who were around and watching the team at that time had the idea Haley tore it up that year.

    That sack you see was one of six in that season.

    Going into the 92, the sting of the Detroit game from the year before made it apparent Dallas needed a better end rusher. The story goes Jerry went out and got Haley.

    Haley's stats in no way reflect his contribution in 1992. As teams focused on him, the rest of the line became meat eaters. Haley brought the mojo, but also was a leader that gave the line teeth.

    Being the number one defense in 92 was great. But they were a bend don't break defense. It was the team speed which allowed Dallas to eventually dominate the game late.
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    Thats one of my all-time favorite cowboy teams. They just kept getting better every week through the season, playoffs, and peaking in super bowl.
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    One word to describe the 1992 Dallas Cowboys "Hungry"
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    Speed, speed, speed
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    Can you say Larry Allen . Charles Haley. Give me one player like that on both sides of the ball and I’ll win you a championship.
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    Put Jimmy in the ROH already.
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    Active for 2 games...
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    That '92 team was my favorite Cowboys team of all time. Just so damn dominant.

    Beating the Niners in Candlestick Park was a helluva payback for The Catch and I was able to watch them in person at the Rose Bowl two weeks later beat the living shxx out of the Bills in the Super Bowl.

    A dream come true for a Cowboys fan that watched them lose three consecutive NFC Championship games in the early 80's followed by a lengthy dry spell.

    Kind of like we are experiencing now....
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    Basically, had two starting DL rotations to play with, my how times have changed.
    FA installation was a direct result of this team having entirely too much depth.
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    Our depth on defense with second to none in the early 90s. We had a great rotation and our backups could start for a lot of teams. We didn’t miss a beat when we rotated players. It kept our defense fresh the entire game.

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