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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by USMarineVet, Jan 6, 2019.

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    So I was watching a re-run of Undisputed (Friday) and Skip Bayless brought two things to my attention that I wasn't aware of.

    1) Dak Prescott, since becoming the starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys which has now spanned 3 years, has led more 4th quarter game winning drives than any other QB in the league during that span.

    2) Dak Prescott, over the first three seasons of his career, has the highest completion rate of any QB in NFL "HISTORY".

    Let that sink in.

    Now I cringe like the rest of you when he misses some easy open receivers which could and should go for long gains; but stats don't lie. When he's called upon to lead this team to victory in a close game he always seems to answer the bell.

    The dude flat out balls.

    Dak's a keeper and when he finally solves his mechanics issues on those mid to deep balls, he's going to get the respect he deserves and start climbing the ladder on how the NFL views its QB hierarchy.

    As an aside, our defense is finally performing like we've been hoping for, for over a decade now.

    Add in the #1 rusher in the league. The sky's the limit.

    Damn it feels good to be relevant again!
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  2. Kaiser

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    He is a good QB with superior leadership. He still has flaws and throws a few bad passes each game, but he can correct that with further development.

    His completion percentage is both a product of going to a good team and the fact his game is execution instead of gambling on big plays. He plays on a run-first team, which impacts his stats both positively and negatively.

    He is a good QB that isn't elite, but very few of the league's elite QBs were at that level three years into their career. Some hadn't even played more than a few games at the same stage, if at all.

    He has a chance to become elite and will be given the time to do so in Dallas, whether fans like it or not. Nothing to do now but sit back and read a half dozen posters here call me a "Daktard".
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  3. Sarge

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    Most of the people who have issues with Dak coincidentally have issues with the way Romos career ended.
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  4. CF74

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    He’s a gamer and he won’t be denied when the game is on the line, he took matters into his own hands..
  5. pansophy

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    Look at 3rd and 8+ yard success for a first down. Even during Dak's rookie year we were only 19th. This year I think we were 29th.

    I don't care how many completions Dak has if we don't get a first down it's meaningless.
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  6. Tangle_Foot

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    Completion percentage equals dink & dunk :laugh:
    4th quarter comebacks equals you sucked for 3 quarters:lmao:

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  7. Mobinvans

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    He throws a beautiful 2 yard pass, I'll give him that
  8. CowboyStar88

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    I think Dak is really growing and IMO he’s just looked different the last 2 weeks. One thing that has been apparent is he’s keeping his eyes downfield when rolling out of the pocket. Something I didn’t think he was doing much of earlier in the year. Also he escaped the rush and instead of take a sack he threw the ball away. Those 2 things show me he’s improving and working on his craft, or it’s just clicked for him.
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  9. ghst187

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    I wish he was better in the first 3 quarters and on the easier throws.
    He’s both frustrating and exhilarating.
  10. Super_Kazuya

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    Pretty much. It’s clear that the general public doesn’t understand the game winning drive stat. The QB literally doesn’t even have to attempt a pass to be awarded one. It doesn’t tell you anything meaningful about the QB’s performance.
  11. Brax

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    that's your opinion, MOST ????, some do yes, I believe it's what they see for 3 to 3 1/2 quarters that concern them. Seattle game was a game Dak played very very well in for all 4 quarters. Being behind in the 4th quarter is a tough place to play from and that is what concerns people, NOT anything Romo did or didn't. What is it with you and some others, Romo hasn't played for 3 years, all that matters is Dak's play.
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    Agree, but that was the exact description of Farve and Romo early in their careers as well. To me the thing is that Dak chooses to play an efficient game, the Giants game a week ago was proof that he can sling it when he needs to. If he played on the same teams Romo did early in his career he would have had the same stats.
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  13. TWOK11

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  14. Philmonroe

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    Can you actually prove this or is this just another lazy IMO talking point?
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  15. Verdict

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    That's good info. I'm not bashing your post, or Dak, but there is another side of that coin. Dak's completion percentage is partially a function of:

    1. He won't really throw it to a receiver that's not wide open. Although that's a GOOD thing, it also holds back the team's ability to score points.

    2. He will take a sack instead of throwing it away.

    If you guys notice, Dak actually plays a little bit better when he is forced to open it up a little. He is conservative by nature. It will lead to a few less points but will also lead to less turnovers and theoretically more wins.

    I think that's why Dak's win loss record is so impressive. But when he turns the ball over, or we lose the turnover battle we are slightly behind the 8 ball.
  16. Pass2Run

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    But, but, but . . . it's a different era.

    Troy Aikman!

    We won three Super Bowls during the 1990s.

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  17. Verdict

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    I'm sure there are a lot of them. I felt like that Romo would have won the SB if he was allowed to take back over once he was healthy. But that ship has sailed.

    I have no animosity at Dak over it, and I genuinely want Dak to win a ton of Super Bowls, but Dak does drive me crazy at times and it has nothing to do with Romo. I also realize I may be one of a very few that fall into that class, but a I suspect that there are more of us than you think.

    It's just that the crazies show up a lot more and make more noise. It's a lot like the hateful Dez Fan Bois.
  18. Pants

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    I don’t always like the dink and dunk but it works for Dallas and Dak. Perhaps other QBs should do that more?

    Dak is developing nicely. If he could get legit coaching from a QB coach and OC that is in the 2018 range, he will develop more quickly. The one thing you can’t teach is his leadership and that he doesn’t get flustered
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  19. Gator88

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    Dallas has ranked t-14th and 22nd in ppg the last 2 years. The offense has been a weakness since teams got an offseason's worth of film on the Dallas offense with Dak.
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  20. OldJarhead

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    I would say he is a very good athlete and a fine football player but as a QB he is decent at best. His bad passes outnumber his good passes by a wide margin. If you watch his completions they never seem to be caught in stride. Receivers seemingly always have to slow down or reach behind/down or jump to catch the ball, thus breaking their momentum. To put it bluntly, he can't seem to lead an open receiver. The interception last night was a classic example of this. It was well under thrown, thus bringing a defender into a play that was beaten like a drum. Should have been 6 points right there.

    As for correcting the issue, I don't think so. I have never heard of a inaccurate QB becoming accurate. It's a skill, you either have it or you don't.

    Elite QB's don't become elite they either are, or they aren't. He's decent, because of the O-line, the RB and a defense that has become elite, decent is all they need to beat most teams. Hopefully it continues to be all that is needed.
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