Twitter: 2020 Cowboys set franchise record

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jake, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. blueblood70

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    heres the issue , i know the defense is bad but this has to stop we wall watche dthe games

    the ST coach has at very minimum put the Defense inside the 40 short fields 5 times from memory im betting its about 8, the offensive TOs are also going to be a record, so how many offensive TOs were on our side of the field? do these record count the final scores having pick 6's in them and TOs that led to points? curious?

    Poor punts, failed 4th and shorts etc etc

    seriously theres reason our defense is actually bad at times but looks historically bad because of the ridiculous short fields they've been handed all year..every last game had so many i lost count..

    tis record is team record not all on defnse as it can appear from the ignorant fans eyes..we all witnessed the 2020 colipase so trying to blame one phase when all 4 have been the worst and im betting most of it was due to injury and desperation..its not a coincidence that just about every player, every group, and all coaches are having their career lows..

    this is the 2020 DC TEAM< record not on the defense alone..

    Our coaching staff knowing our defensive inadequacies still made high risk decsions that led to many more points on the final scores then there actually should have been..

    Ill take Garett's vanilla teams and Marinelli's less risk defense any day because at least they knew how to cover up the inadequacies of the team..i cant remember year that ST and Offensive play calls put so much pressure on our defense..some how this staff felt our defense was the 2000 Ravens teams and said what the heck we can stop them lets do stupid's chat all year!!
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  2. SackMaster

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    You see things like this, yet somehow the "best way" to fix this defense is letting the QB walk, use our high draft pick on a QB to replace the Top-10 QB that just left, and then fill holes to a historically bad defense with other team's rejects (aka free agents) with the money we save by going with a "cheaper" QB.
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  3. dreghorn2

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    A lot of these team type records are going to fall for a few franchises. Points scored as well as points allowed.

    No longer calling offensive pass holding is the primary reason.

    You'll notice that there seems to be an increase on run holding calls this season, it's because they are so used to holding on every pass play they don't stop doing it on run downs.
  4. RonnieT24

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    How can you not see the logic in this approach. The magic cupie doll college QB will cure all that ails.. the DEFENSE! The logic is irrefutable.
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  5. kskboys

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    It's because this is how Jerry builds his teams. W/ an extreme dependence on LB's and CB's, if even one of them goes down w/ are screwed. This is another reason why you build your team from the inside out. Size doesn't nap.
  6. stilltheguru

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    Why is George Edwards in dallas
  7. RonnieT24

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    Try telling that to Dontari Poe if you can wake him up.. LOL!
  8. garyo1954

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    We lost a little ground on giving up the most points in NFL history (533).
    For a couple of weeks we got it under control keeping everything under 30.

    For here on teams have to score 35 (34.8) a game for the Cowboys to claim that infamous record.
  9. blueblood70

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    Please everyone stop trying to find one group, one player, one coach to start threads on and find that one thing to blame..



  10. ClappingCarrot

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    I think Tress Way punted once, MAYBE twice on Thursday?

    Tells you all you need to know.
  11. Shane612

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    They're awful, until they win their next game. And people here will be talking playoff smack again.
  12. DuncanIso

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    Nolan stinks.

    Remember how people were saying Nolan was an upgrade over KRichard?

    and Nolan was gonna fix the defense.


    seriously, we were warned about Nolan.

    big Mike has to go too.
  13. morat1959

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    Yes but we lead the pack.
  14. Parcells4Life

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    The defense had been competitive the prior 3 weeks before Thursday. They haven’t all been awful.

    Turnovers and fake punts giving the ball to the opponent at the 20 has a lot to do with the numbers.
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  15. JBond

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    Can't blame covid, but injuries to our middle LB and best corner are part of the problem.
  16. doomsday9084

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    I was a fan back in 1989. I liked that team a lot more than this one. That team sucked but they still went at it every game. You could tell that they cared and were trying. The last two years have been terrible in that the team frequently just lays down. The locker room really needs to be cleaned out.
  17. cowboyed

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    And we are the worst of the cellar dwellers. I do believe this coaching staff is responsible as well despite the burden of Covid restrictions and injuries.

    I also suspect that if the previous coaching staff was still in place our record would have been better because of continuity and zero transition but we still would not be a post season contender this season.
  18. cowboyblue22

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    the cowboys have hit rock bottom and boy is it hard to watch not going to watch a lot of it going forward jerry and son have pretty much turned me off to the cowboys
  19. Rajat

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    I picked them up in my fantasy team to tank this season. :muttley:
  20. blueblood70

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