2020 potential out of Tyron Smith contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Feb 11, 2019.

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    My priority in this draft and next draft would be OL. Even if I had the knowledge that Tyron would take a significant pay cut I would still be looking for his replacement. Im interested to see how La'el looks with a full season with Colombo and if Colombo thinks a position change is needed and if so what does La'el look like once that change is made.
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    First off, Smith's injury history is nowhere near Sean Lee's, and your comparison is poor. And Lee is playing LB while having all those injuries. And he is 30+ at the LB position, and....well, the comparison is, again, just poor.

    Penalties, such as holding calls, could be due to a number of things - one of them is being a QB who had one of the most time to throw from within the pocket, yet leading the league in sacks taken by a QB. Only so long a tackle can hold off a defender.

    Not sure what "he's not what he used to be in the run game" - does this mean he dropped from the best in the league to now just top 5-10?

    Moving Martin to LT is a joke, like moving Collins out to RT. If you want to replace a tackle, it would be replacing the average Collins.
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    I'm sure he's right behind Garrett and Beasley as the next scapegoats.
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    Who said they were all phantom?
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    I have OT as the top need...
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    The ware one didnt bother me.
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    He might have not given up any sacks but his holds and penalties were killers. 4th worst in the league if im not mistaken. TBH he shouldn't have even been a pro bowler.
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    He means decline in terms of missing games.

    He missed 3 starts this year and had at least 3 separate injury issues. He has missed multiple starts each of the past 3 years.

    He is still a top level player when reasonably healthy; however, there have been games where he struggled with his movement (likely due to back issues) and struggled with run blocking.

    He has so much talent that he has managed in pass blocking even when he was not moving well; however, back issues rarely get better and reports indicated that Doctors told him to consider back surgery after last season.

    They need to be prepared if he can't play for a long stretch. Fleming at LT is not a good season long option.
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    You hold when you get beat. He has missed games each year now for several years, and his ailments list keeps growing. His braces also keep multiplying.

    He whiffs a lot more in the run game then he used to.

    And yah, that means he dropped from best in the league to 5-10. And falling...............Its not like you ever go back up the line when age starts kicking in.

    Whether it hurts your feewings to talk about these things or not is inconsequential.

    Moving Martin to LT WILL happen, its only a matter of time.

    His situation is actually worse than lees as the biggest issue is with his back. Backs dont get better with a big guy like that.
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    He just statistically had one of his best seasons.
    The only thing that gives me comfort knowing Jerry is running this team is that many of the posters on this forum aren't running it.
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    I will also say this Smith’s technique has slipped. It is because he is given so many days off and leeway by the coaches? It hurts his performance. Is it he can’t handle the work or does he take advantage of the veteran country club in Dallas.
  12. cowboyec

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    heck no.
    he stays.
  13. conner01

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    I’d love to add a OT but Collins will be gone long before smith
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    I think it’s a huge need but don’t see an option at 58
    Someone could fall but I think 58 is gonna be DT or WR simply because that’s where I expect the talent to be
    We certainly have the need with Collins in the last year of his deal and so much money in the oline as a whole
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    Too early to estimate where players will be drafted with any amount of accuracy.
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    Why are yall so quick to move on from good players? Yall don't wanna pay them. If they don't perform up to the level YOU think they should, you want to cut them. Always, let this player go without a backup plan. Now if he has a bounce back year and has relatively good health, these threads will be nowhere to be found. Sometimes, guys have down years for whatever reason or another. It's not time to talk about cutting someone like Tyron until he has consecutive below standard season.
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    DAL can get out at any time

    TSmith has 0m left guaranteed...... Dead Money has no bearing on a player's release after the guarantees are over

    If they cut TSmith right now they would save 5m on the cap and 15m next year
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    not really..... DWare was due 12m and got 10 sacks
    we got 6 sacks from Mincey for 1m
  19. Nightman

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    Alexander had a bad impact on everyone
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    You watch the SB? One bounce away from being the MVP. Guy was great down the stretch for the Broncos.

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