2021 NFC East Champ- Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jinxx13x, May 6, 2021.

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    Great write up! The key to the Cowboys season mostly depends on the offensive line. If they can stay healthy then the Cowboys will run away with the division. With Dak back at the helm they will again be a top 5 offense. With all the changes on defense, with both the players and coaching staff, I think they will make a huge leap up into the top half of the league. With this offense that’s all they need. :flagwave:
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    Right. We just don't know when. Is it ready for a resurgence this year? The Giants and Redskins both have strong defenses but suspect offenses. We have a strong offense (when healthy), but a suspect defense. The Eagles are just a mess.
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    Right , Combo of Brady and Bellicheat came up empty against NFC east in 3 of the 4 tries. I think, only eagles with vomiting Mcnabb they could beat , lost to Gints Eli ( :facepalm:) twice and philly - Folk once .
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    :starspin:IT'S OURS...NOT YOURS:starspin:
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    I'm not saying this just because I am a Dallas fan.
    4.Rest of NFC East
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    Thanks. I remember back in the 1990s being on the old message boards duking it out with the Green Bay Packers trolls. It was easy to be positive about this team because they were winning and we had the likes of Erik Williams pounding Reggie White and Michael Strahan on Sundays. I want to be that positive again about the Cowboys. I just don't see a team like that yet.
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    You're welcome.

    Anybody here who posts even a basic knowledge of division rival rosters with neutrality is a winner by me bro.

    I also long for those days of this team's dominance you mentioned both at the player and coaching level against the highest of competition.

    Not real confident in player, and especially not the coaching, of this team ever reaching those levels again.

    It is what it has become.
    Great post again.
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    NYG regressed on the OL. Defense in the NFL is much less likely to repeat year to year and they lost their NT. Dak nearly outperformed Daniel Jones in 4.5 games.

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