22 unrestricted free agents

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wapp5200, Dec 30, 2019.

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    A lot of the FAs are no-names, but it is still a LOT of bodies to replace, and that's a problem.

    You can replace them with either

    -other veteran FAs (most expensive option - even a JAG like DT Covington can score $2M a year).

    -Draft picks (2nd rounders on cost half or less of a JAG vet, but draft picks are finite).

    -UDFAs (cheap as a rookie and doesn't eat up a pick, but they're usually terrible).

    We are looking at a bit of a cap crunch after our big names get paid, so we are probably going to have to add a lot of bad rookies to the bottom of our roster to make the numbers work.
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    So wait, we have 22 free agent holes to fill and you want to create another one by cutting Tyron Smith? Did you see how poorly his replacement played yesterday? Oh and cutting him would cost you almost $6M against the cap and he’d be signed within 24 hours.

    The new head coach is going to have the ability to mold this defense how he likes. They’ve been known for sideline to sideline speed but that’s not good enough in this league. They’ll need bigger bodies to stop the run and more pressure to create more turnovers.

    Think of all these free agents in defense as an opportunity.
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    jarwin and woods will be back they’re both RFAs it’ll cost nothing to bring them back. I would like Heath back as a cheap 3rd safety not starter. Then there’s the big 3 Dak , Cooper , Quinn. Have to be priorities. I would Re-sign lee for cheap as a backup. I’m fine with letting Byron Jones leave. The other players are just all scrubs.
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    Very reasonable take...people foolishly acting like there’s tons of great OT talent available out there just waiting to replace Tyron. It would be irresponsible to not start planning for the future now, but if Tyron Smith is your starting LT in 2020 you are doing justttttt fine
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    Awesome work, Jones on the job
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    I'd try and bring back Bennett tbh. Why not start him @ LDE?

    Quinn- I think is a rotational DE and really struggled vs. the run, especially early to mid-season.

    Also: We run too much wide 9.
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    I'm told year after year we can be big players....
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    Have seen them
  9. Wapp5200

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    The guy is always hurt, plenty of holding penalties as well
  10. aikemirv

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    I agree with this but not with top round draft capital. That needs to be spent on defense. With Fleming, Sua-Filo and Looney and McGovern and Connor Williams we should have time to develop some players.
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    Exactly. When a team gets a player like Smith at left tackle (HoF type talent), you don't just wave goodbye to him when he shows signs of wear. He is a top 1-3 talent at the position.

    Jason Peters is 8 years older than Smith, and just played a full season (one of only 3 Eagles on offense to do so). He has had so many injuries it's hard to count them all - but his presence makes a difference. He's probably done after this year...but the point is you guys should have many more years with Smith - and be happy for it.

    Now his issue being his back is concerning. Sometimes those linger and get worse...but it's too soon to pull the plug on a talent like that.
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  12. CowboysWillRise

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    Yeah injuries have become a concern with TS and his ailing back, but what is he averaging like 12 or 13 games a season? While it sucks not to have him, he remains available for most of the games doesn't he? (Im not fact checking)

    The penalties really grate at me because half the time he is physically dominating his opponent and they throw a flag because no way can a player man handle another player like that.

    Our new coach needs to gather film of all the BS calls on TS and send it to league offices.
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  13. EST_1986

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    Tyron can stay, his brother Tyrone tho, he's got to go
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  14. CowboysWillRise

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    Tyrone, Whitten, David Irvin all need to go.
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    He wants top dollar and will test the market for sure. Not likely to come back to Dallas. We are sliding into the cellar not ascending the
    mountain top.
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  16. 12+88=7

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    Cooper, B. Jones, Ladouceur, Looney, Forbath, M. Collins, Jarwin, and Woods.
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    I said this 3 years ago and everyone laughed.
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    What are the names?
  19. b0xZZ

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    people foolishly believe theres tons of great QB talent available too. It's all Madden football for most fans.
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    Tyron needs to go? SMH

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