3 guys need to be released

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DustyRhodes, Sep 9, 2021.

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    Don't know, but it still make financial sense to keep him and not cut him....
  2. Ranching

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    Idiots among us......I'm probably one of them! Lol
  3. Creeper

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    Jaylon was awful again when he was in there. Notice how the Bucs LBs shoot the gaps to stop the RBin the backfield? Jaylong is 10 yards off the LOS and waits until the ball carrier comes to him.

    And can someone please explain to me what is so great about Basham at DE? Preseason he looked awful and he was pretty much a non-factor tonight.
  4. Ken

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    How was he bad facing those two monsters and Dak throwing 58 times and getting sacked only once?
  5. JD_KaPow

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    The OP clearly doesn't watch any football games except Cowboys games.
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  7. waving monkey

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    so lets cut our nose off to dispite our face
  8. Beaker42

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    You left out Greg “Bad Leg” Z. Leaving it at Z because I don’t care about him enough to look his name up for correct spelling.
  9. kumizi

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    Anthony Brown isnt a starting CB.

    But he beat out all the other corners on this roster other than Diggs. That should tell you something about our secondary.
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  10. Clove

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    Add Fossil to the list.
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  11. lostar2009

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    No they true. The weak chains.
  12. Floatyworm

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    It's been the same clowns that have been getting us beat for 3 years now.....not an over -reaction. It's a fact. They are like deep seeded moles that keep us from winning. It's borderline espionage. :banghead:
  13. Floatyworm

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  14. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I said to my son Jaylon runs away from the play
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  15. Whiskey Cowboy

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    Connor and Jaylon were fine tonight. Brown shouldn't be starting....at all. That needs to be addressed this week. Why cut any of them though?
  16. lockster

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    Yeah, it's hard to hold back a 350 dude. Williams still needs a bunch of weight and muscle, but he's no longer a scrub.
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  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    Hard times
  18. RustyBourneHorse

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    And the kicker
  19. rambo2

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    Lol, why do you post crap like this? Can we release you?
  20. HowardC

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    Cool hyperbole, bro.

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