4 years ago this Cowboy play change history

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. JayFord

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    it didn’t matter

    What were the chances we would stop Rodgers from going back down the field?
  2. wssaustin

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    The bad calls went beyond just that play. GB OL were holding all day long not getting called while Rogers could only move with 1 leg; the ball clearly hit the ground twice in 2 drives before being "caught" by GB receivers; and this --- the NFL just handed GB this game.
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  3. Eddie

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    When all else fails, use common sense. Secure the ball at all costs. NEVER reach out for the goal line.

    We would have had a first and goal on the 1. But he HAD to be the asinine hero ...
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  4. Praxit

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    ..just didnt have the defense at that time.
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  5. Fmart322

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    Delete this bad mojo.
  6. Flamma

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    I don't think I could marry a girl that was a serious fan of a Cowboys rival. Of course that's easy to say for me now. :) But It's almost like adultery!
  7. IheartRomo

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    I agree with those saying they changed after this call. For me, this call was the start of a souring towards the league. The Zeke suspension was the thing that really changed everything for me, though. The way it was handled in comparison to other cases left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'll never fully wipe clean.
  8. starman22

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  9. Vomit

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    Concur. As much as the “non catch” hurt, Murray’s fumble was just as devastating....maybe more so. And leaving Rodgers with time.....still probably a loss.
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  10. kskboys

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    I agree. One of the worst playcalls in Cowboys history.
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  11. DCBoysfan

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    Beasley was open for a first down.
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  12. Willfreedom909

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    We still don’t win even with that catch. Rodgers dissected our defense like an Ivy league surgeon
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  13. Portnoy1

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    I think we make to much of that call and automatically expected a cowboys win. However, assuming we score, then Rodgers has 3 minutes to get into FG range and win it. Keep in mind with 4 minutes left the defense couldn't stop the packers to even get the ball back. Aside from that, it's not all on the refs. If Dez simply hauls it in, leaving nothing to challenge then it "may" have made a difference. But even then you can't really bleed a full 3 minutes at the 2yd line, at some point you have to give the ball back to Rodgers.
  14. skinsscalper

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  15. kskboys

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    Throwing a 30 yard jump ball on 4th and 2 w/ 4 mins left in the game is nothing short of foolish. It's a low percentage play no matter how you slice it, which the results of the play showed. Yes, he caught it, but amidst much confusion and chaos and a ton of doubt. Way too many bad things can happen when you throw the ball up, no matter how well you throw it and no matter who the receiver is.
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  16. Floatyworm

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    NFL Bull#$$ @ it's worst....
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  17. DCBoysfan

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    100% agree.
  18. Beaker42

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    I’d have made her ride in the backseat.

  19. armadillooutlaw

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    Should have played for the first down.
    Could have possibly ran more time off the clock and scored the TD.
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  20. Clove

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    Would have lost anyways. Move on

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