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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Mar 5, 2021.

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    The argument has taken in every possible scenario for the QB position on this board. But I heard something on the radio today which I think may have been missed. If you have suggested this, my apologies.

    The cap in 2022 and past will go up and perhaps significantly. The Disney contract will have a pronounced affect on the cap. But the other affiliates who will jump on board will make a ridiculous contract for Dak much more palatable in the second year and beyond. So the antacid crowd that frets at the spending of a dime on Dak because of the world ending with his contract might take a chill pill on that account.

    If it's just about the money, this scenario could cure that and then some.

    Fitting his contract in the first year could be resolved with extensions and pushing the guarantee past 2021 to fit both his desires for payment and the teams position - which some claim the Cowboys will be mediocre and nothing can be done about it if Dak signs.


    Second aspect was discussed on the radio. What if........

    Dallas negotiated a contract with Dak and immediately traded him to the 9ers for the 12 over-all pick. Then package those to Houston for Watson. Or to Seattle for Wilson. You might have to sweeten the deal for Wilson. I am opposed to this because I do not think either guy is significantly better than what Dallas has.

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    My opinion is if Dak wants 40-44 million. We're not sure what the exact number is because he said he wants to be higher than Watson and behind Mahomes. So hence 40-44. If he wants that I see no difference between paying Dak that or Wilson and Watson. To me it's the same problem. Very expensive QB that will have to overcome roster shortcomings. Wilson has played at an MVP level but his team hasn't been to the super bowl or won a super bowl since he signed for big money. Watson hasn't won much because his talent can not overcome suckage of the rest of the roster.

    So my opinion is paying a QB 40-45 million is a recipe for mediocrity and early playoff bounces. Regardless of who the QB is.

    I'd rather pay Alex Smith 10 million or Cam Newton 1 million and build a solid roster around them.

    I think the formula of having a 40-45 million dollar QB and winning the super bowl is not going to work.
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  3. plymkr

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    Paul Hembekides

    Highest cap hits from 2014-19: Matthew Stafford ($130M) Ben Roethlisberger ($128M) Aaron Rodgers ($126M) Drew Brees ($125M) Eli Manning ($124M) Matt Ryan ($118M) Philip Rivers ($117M) Joe Flacco ($106M) Cam Newton ($104M) None won the Super Bowl during that time.
    7:19 AM · May 12, 2020

    2019, Mahomes was on his rookie deal.
    2020, Brady played for 30 million. High but under market value.

    I don't feel teams with salary cap eating QBs is the winning formula. A dominant defense is.
  4. JJHLH1

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    Dak has good timing.

    He plays under the tag this year and then will be an unrestricted free agent when the tv contracts get renewed and the cap goes up.

    Jerry’s failure to sign Dak after the 2018 season looks worse with each passing year, especially as this distraction never seems to end.

    Dak won’t be involved in a trade. He’ll just wait a year and have total freedom to explore the open market.
  5. CowboysWillRise

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    Only thing is if Dak gets hurt again he can forget about that contract for at least one more season post injury. This time around its being dismissed as bad luck, next time he will get labeled injury prone.

    I think he's a tank, but the risk is there. It's really his only deterrent to playing hardball.
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  6. Jake

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    Somebody, please make this stop. Pay him, release him, trade him, just make it stop already.
  7. Risen Star

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    Not matter how much the economy booms I'm not paying a filet mignon price for a McDonald's hamburger.
  8. Bigdog

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    Don’t think Houston or Seattle would make those trades due to them being out of boundaries of where the top qbs in the draft would go unless they fall in love with Mac Jones.
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  9. ghst187

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    I have to say I’d be burning up the phones right now trying to trade for Wilson. Let Dak walk and take the comp pick. Wilson is a well proven star QB, I think Dak is very good but if the money is similar and I only have the give up a few picks to get a top 3 guy at the games most important position...easy decision. Russ with our offense would average 40+ per game and the defense will be some better regardless.
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  10. big dog cowboy

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    Fix the defense. Until then, it doesn't matter who the QB is.
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  11. plymkr

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    Exactly, this is the philosophical change we have to make. "We like our guys" is translated to "we are trying to prove everyone we draft is all pro". They fall in love with their own players and pay them elite money for average or above average play.

    It's like they have separation anxiety for anyone they bond with. No other franchise would have paid DLaw, Jaylon, Zeke, Crawford, etc the contracts they got. The madness has to stop. When DLaw is making the same money as Aaron Donald then it's madness.

    If we let DLaw walk would our record be much different the last couple seasons. Probably not. Weak spineless defense loses it's leader. Last year instead of having the worst defense in team history we would have had the worst defense in team history with 20 million more of salary cap room. Now we're handcuffed to Jerry's "war daddy", creepy. Tell Jerry to keep his "war daddy" off the salary cap.

    And who let's Jerry give interviews were he refers to players as "daddy" and "war daddy". It's embarrassing.
  12. JoeKing

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    There is far too much being assumed here for this scenario to pan out in favor of Cowboys fans.
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  13. DandyDon52

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    Sadly I dont think this will stop or end anytime soon.
    If dak plays on the tag this season, which is what I think will happen, it will go into next year too ! :laugh: it is jones family mgmt! :thumbup::flagwave:
    Aint it fun !:mad::eek:
  14. DandyDon52

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    it is jones family mgmt! :thumbup::flagwave:
    and your right, jerry extends and overpays the guys who he sees as stars , that he drafted.
    For Jaylon that was done to show he didnt screw up drafting him in the first place.

    Heck were still dealing with gregory, another bargain player jerry drafted, so wait till he gets extended for 25 mil a year!

    Ewok, is hard to understand, maybe because he was a 4th round pick, the only pick that high cowboys have had in many moons lol,
    and jerry is still trying to justify that pick.

    Cooper , gave up a # 1 for him so they had to pay him whatever to keep him, otherwise that #1 was thrown away , so I sort of get that.

    Lawrence has done more to earn his money than the others, yes overpaid, but not as bad as the others.
    Crawford they decided in 2014 to pay crawford 8 mil a year, and low balled murray ! they could have let crawford go, and kept murray with the
    8 mil, and then that would have changed the 2015 season to something better.

    Jerry and his Boy lol aka the jones boys, they do some strange stuff,make a lot of mistakes, but cant be fired!

    We as fans are cursed that jones bought the team, because it wont end in many of our lifetimes.
    The cowboys havent been contenders in a long time, and they wont be for a long time to come.

    If your 30 or under then you might live to see cowboys in a SB again.
    if your 30-50 you have a shot at it, but 50 and over, might as well forget about it.
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  15. DandyDon52

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    So you think the jones boys will do a complicated trade scenario like that ?:laugh:
    Plus there are other factors like Dak going along with it, and other teams actually wanting dak enough to give up high picks!
    If dak wants 40 mil, thinks he should be paid as 2nd to mahomes, and he wants a 3 year deal, no team would want him, because all three of those
    are ridiculous !:eek:
    Only the jones boys might give him those 3 things. No one else would.
    It seems to me that dak is asking for things he knows no one will go for , because he wants to play on the tag this year and maybe next year too.

    They should shock him and the world and just cut him, and get rid of the distraction albatross he has become.
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  16. jaythecowboy

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    I am not sure you can structure a contract to be immediately tradable without the Cowboys eating a lot of dead money.
  17. ondaedg

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    Wilson won a super bowl with one of the best defenses in NFL history and Marshawn Lynch. Now that the defense is gone where’s all his other super bowls? He is not an upgrade over Dak and certainly Not worth giving up a 1st for. Furthermore he will want a new contract in two seasons.
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  18. TwoDeep3

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    Did you actually read the post? I clearly stated this was a radio sports show, Chuckles.
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  19. Twisted Dawg

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    I'm curious why some people believe the cap will explode in the coming years. The Tampa-KC Super Bowl had the lowest TV ratings since 2007. And this was a highly touted game featuring Brady vs. Mahomes. Further, the Super Bowl audience has leveled off from its all-time high of 114.4 million viewers on NBC in 2015.

    Before Covid the NFL was experiencing declining stadium attendance as well as television ratings. The NFL's core demographic group, older men, are dying off and not being replaced. Millennials don't play or watch football like their fathers did.

    Recently the NFL wanted the networks to DOUBLE their broadcasting fees. One network agreed to a 20% increase.

    The coming 2021 season is likely to be negatively affected by Covid. Now if the 2022 season doesn't have sold out stadiums and high TV ratings, the NFL is in serious trouble.

    We will see if there is a lingering negative pushback by the fans on social justice issues and if people continue the trend of doing outside activities like camping, golf, tennis, hunting and fishing.

    Which makes me wonder why some people believe the cap will explode in the future.
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  20. csirl

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    People assume this is all about money and cap space. Nothing could be further from the truth. Teams always find a way to handle the cap.

    The debate in the FO is over whether or not Dak is a franchise QB.
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