A Dynasty could be in the works

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by nathanlt, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. nathanlt

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    By all accounts, this years draft was supreme, every pick Dallas made could have been met with a high grade, had they been picked a round early. CeeDee was just a bonus, icing on the cake for a solid draft, making it legendary.

    So now, envision this
    Dak, Garrett Gilbert, Dinucci
    Starting O-line
    Tyron Smith, Blue chip top 10 overall LG if Surtain isn't available, Biadisz, Zack Martin, La'el Collins
    Backups: Williams, Steele, Looney, McGovern
    Cooper, Gallup, Lamb, Wilson, Brown
    Schultz, Jarwin
    Elliott, Pollard, 4th round RB

    D Line
    DLaw, Gregory, Aldon Smith, Gallimore, Woods, Anae, Armstrong, 3rd round pick B

    VanderEsch, Jaylon Smith, THomas, Bernard, 3rd Round pick A

    Diggs, Lewis, 2nd round pick, (or Surtain in the first) Reggie Robinson, Woods, Wilson, (Brown or Awuzie)

    That still leaves 11 players to keep on the roster, 8 more after LS, P, and K are covered. This roster could be so stacked, with quality players in 2 successive drafts! Injuries have a silver lining, because this roster will be so excessively talented, we could see sustained years of success if the coaching improves.

    Who else would you add?
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  2. Jipper

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    Duck dynasty maybe , this teams play quacks me up...
  3. J12B

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    The dynasty was supposed to begin 2 years ago.

    That window has closed.

    We're in rebuild mode now.
  4. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    We are in mediocrity mode for the next 3 years, maybe longer.
  5. Haimerej

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    This team gives up over 150 yards rushing a game. Apparently 2 3rd round picks in the front 7 is all they need.
  6. CowboyRoy

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    Dont take a Olineman with that first pick. I trade down to around the 8th pick and pick up an extra 2nd rounder.

    Corner with first pick, Lber with first 2nd rounder, Safety with 2nd 2nd rounder, BPA available with our high 3rd rounder. Pickup a run stuffing tackle in FA.

    FYI...............Woods, Lewis, and Awuzie are all history after this year. I could only pray they move on from Jaylon, but that's a pipe dream.

    Secondary would be:

    CB: Diggs
    Safety: 2nd round pick
    Safety: Wilson
    CB: 1st round pick

    That's an incredible young secondary that can grow together.

    Dline: Lawrence, Gallimore, FA, Gregory

    Linebackers: 2nd rounder, LVE, Jaylon Whiff
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  7. cityochamps

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] These are the only dynasty's Dallas will ever have at least for the foreseeable future.
  8. CowboyRoy

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    Jaylon whiff is the #1 culprit in the run game the way I see it. Safeties are equally to blame. Gotta think Gallimore will be even better next season, but getting some kind of stud DT in the middle is paramount. Whether that is in FA or the draft. Lawrence and Gregory are both great against the run.
  9. Aikmaniac

    Aikmaniac Well-Known Member

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    I just don’t want to relive the early to mid 2000s. Even with the mediocrity we’ve seen for 25 years, those were dark times.
  10. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    How about going after an elite Quarterback talent for once.
  11. Blackspider214

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    We are always 2 years away from a "dynasty". Been that way since 2007 with Romo. We make excuses as to why we never got there and keep holding out hope. The window to win was 2016-2018. We had a very good chance to win a ring in 2016. We blew it as usual to Rodgers. You don't wait until your rookie stars start demanding huge contracts to start winning.
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  12. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    We don’t have a good coaching staff.

    We don’t have a good team.
  13. daboyzruleperiod

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    There's going to be major house cleaning after this season. Starting w/these hefty contracts!

    A team doesn't need an elite quarterback if they have good coaching staff.

    Quarterback's are going to be as good as the team around them. Cleveland is the only team out of 5 w/a new head coach that has a winning record, 7 - 3.
    I doubt very highly it's because Baker Mayfield's elite!
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  14. Havic

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    If we draft well, this team will be good in 2-3 years.
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  15. Captain43Crash

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    It could happen! At least we have hope now that Carrot Top is gone, but 3-4 of those players you mentioned must be gone after the season.
    Also Nolan needs to get the boot!
  16. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

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    Because we already have one. Try and keep up.
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  17. cowboyec

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    we get our people back from injury with a real off season.
    with a talented rookie posse comin' in.
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  18. baltcowboy

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    Its frightening to think we have not had an elite quarterback prospect since 1989 with Aikman. The Joneses no more then us fans. They found Romo and Dak.
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  19. DanTanna

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    Jerry still owns the team. No dynasty for us.
  20. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    I’m pretty sure that the NFL offices have contacted Jerry to forfeit next years draft because the other NFL trans are complaining about the lack of a level playing field due to our expected excess of talent for the next 10 years

    Jerry has Roger over a barrel
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