A Dynasty could be in the works

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by nathanlt, Nov 28, 2020.

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    i always thought joan collins was hott.
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    LOL at any kind of dynasty talk. Even if we have the "opportunity" to draft in the top 5, is anyone really confident they will pick a guy that will do anything on Defense?

    Will McClay, Jerruh and his offspring are the worst Defensive drafting people I've ever seen. To me it's much better they take an Olineman or another offensive player. They just don't know defense AT ALL. Offense is the only thing they get "mostly" right when they draft in the top of the rotation. I have no faith AT ALL in their defensive evaluation and until proven otherwise they will always suck. Morris Claiborne, Taco over TJ Watt/Buddah Baker, Trysten Hill over anyone else, need I go on? LVE was the only one they got close to right to me and I would've probably taken Darius Leonard over LVE just on Injury history. They aren't solid defensive player evaluators which is pathetic.

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    Youd have us right back to trash taking Surtain top 10
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    Well, they'll be armed with shotguns.
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    So let's see

    This 3-8 roster giving up 150+ yards per game and 20 or more points every week all year is going to become a dynasty using almost the exact same roster and coaches. All we gotta do is add two top 100 picks to the front 7, throw a top 40 pick at CB, and draft a blue chip guard at 4 overall (which, btw, doesn't exist this draft). Then we're gonna sign a bunch of free agents, even though our cap space is basically all accounted for with the roster you outlined.

    Just stop. We just fired our second most tenured coach in team history and then went 3-8 with our QB in pieces in the hospital. Our salary cap is almost all allocated to like 6 people, and none of the people in the top 10 are both playing at least 14 games and living up to the investment made in them.

    We are in as much of a rebuild as we ever have been, and this time there's no Johnson or Landry to guide us. It's JJ again, and he's already hard at work selling optimism, and you're already buying it.
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    I hate to break this to you OP... there will be no dynasty.

    Dynasties are a thing of the past. The NE juggernaut will hold that crown as the last one for a long long time.

    I hope you were around to see the ‘90’s Cowboys. That was their time.
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    We are being trolled right?
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  10. nathanlt

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    Yes, I was, it was terrific. I think the talent that can be assembled with a loaded roster for 2020 with injuries in a year that they SHOULD have dominated presents an opportunity. Load again with a repeat success story that the 2020 draft brought, trade some players if necessary and get more picks. Herschel Walker trades won't happen again, but an injury riddled year is a great opportunity. Right now Dallas is playing with a preseason offensive line, ensuring a high draft pick in 2021. They'll get everyone back in 2021.
  11. shabazz

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    There is.........but it’s happening in Kansas City.
  12. ShortRound131

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  13. pitt33

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    I don’t see it happening. They’ve got some big names to pay. Once guys get those SB rings many bolt for greener (as in $) pastures. And as much as I like Andy Reid, he’s no Belichick.
  14. TheSkaven

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    OP don’t fall into their trap. You fool me once, shame on you. You fool me 10 times...

    These players who you think are good are not that good. They’re either at the end of their career (T.Smith), can’t stay healthy (Vander Esch), or are overrated (J.Smith, Elliott).

    Then there’s the coaching - with the way the game was coached on Thursday, this team will never win the big game.

    Now add to that a shrinking salary cap and a better-than-average quarterback who thinks he’s worth $40M per year, and an owner who is in love with him, and it means this team isn’t going to be good again for a very, very, very long time.
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    If you want to enjoy a Cowboy's dynasty you'll have to borrow some old VHS tapes from one of your elders. Sorry kiddo.
  16. JoeKing

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    We just got our arses handed to us in our own stadium and this fool is talking about us becoming a dynasty. I'm not hearing that BS.
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  17. Established1971

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    more like Die Nasty
  18. Risen Star

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    It really is historic talent. That's the only thing keeping me sane. We're always the better team.
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    Go away troll. You’re not wanted around these parts.
  20. Rockport

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    He’s not a fool. He has made some good points. I understand losers don’t want to hear it because they love the misery, but the facts are that we can be a great team with a good offseason. As much as you don’t want to hear it.

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