A Quiet, Nasty Upgrade

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye19, May 15, 2021.

  1. Hawkeye19

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    On passing downs, we can now deploy Neal and Cox instead of Lee/Smith.

    We stand to see stickier coverage on TEs and RBs than we have seen in a loooong time. Of course this may directly result in more PBUs and INTs at LBer— but here is what excites me even more if Neal and Cox are successful:

    No more easy throws to the flats or the soft parts of the zone. With Cox/Neal patrolling at LBer— QBs will be forced to make more difficult throws elsewhere, or fit balls into tighter windows. Or simply hold onto the ball a tick longer

    More pressure. More sacks. More INTs. More fumbles.

    For too long QBs have been able to make easy reads and throws to RBs and TEs....that can potentially change now with Cox and Neal as our nickel backers.

  2. plasticman

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    I was just watching a video from a guy that is trying to make the case that Cox is really a safety trapped in a linebacker's body. He says if Cox plays safety he could start today.
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  3. stilltheguru

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    He can only play safety in a cover 3.....so I guess hes on tge right team but I dont think they will put him there.
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  4. CouchCoach

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    Woody was a LB in college converted to a S by design.

    Cox would have to get better at getting off blocks, his toughest challenge, to be converted to S but at his size, I'd like to see it. Be in the vein of Atwater and Fulcher. Freight train S's.
  5. stilltheguru

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    If his issue is getting off blocks isnt that why he should move to safety? They see a lot less block shedding action than linebackers
  6. rocyaice

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    Let’s understand one thing though....I wouldn’t say physical limitations are what hurt this defense last year. They had no idea what their assignments were and they looked like they didn’t even have any confidence in what they were playing. So until I see this unit actually play smart and know what they’re doing? I can’t say anything is fixed.
  7. CowboyRoy

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    Doubt Cox will play much this season till maybe later.
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  8. Hawkeye19

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    I guess that’s what intrigues me even more about our nickel LBs though. We would in essence have 3 SS on the field, Wilson, Neal, and Cox which gives tremendous flexibility on scheme/coverage assignments
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  9. Flamma

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    Let me see it, then I'll believe it. I never know what to expect from the Cowboys going into week 1. I used to know when Tom Landry was coach. But not in the past 25 years.

    I can honestly say that I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys went 12-5 or 5-12. I have no idea. But past history would tell me 8-9 or something like that. So I have zero expectations. Lets see.
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  10. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Do you want to play Neal before Cox?
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  11. CouchCoach

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    Except when they have to play close to the line in short yardage.

    I thought about him at S when they took him, flashed back to Woody. I watched Cox a lot at LSU and he runs like a S, he's really fluid for a LB.
  12. jazzcat22

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    We may see them line up showing one thing, and they move into another look. Depending the offensive look. Or once the offense is set, change it up.

    Could they flip between S & LB right before the snap?
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  13. DanA

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    I think people are trying to get way too creative when Dan Quinn has been relatively vanilla in what he does. Doubt we see Cox play, don’t think Neale will carry TE’s in man coverage too often either because he kinda sucks at it.

    Quinn has also rarely disguised coverages and I don’t see any reason that he start now.
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  14. stilltheguru

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    Lol yup. I laughed at the blitz thread that I saw. Quinn never blitzed at a high level. We'll be bend dont break like with Richard and like it.
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  15. Hawkeye19

    Hawkeye19 Well-Known Member

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    I don’t. I think he plays on the nickel pretty quickly
  16. Hawkeye19

    Hawkeye19 Well-Known Member

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  17. Mr_437

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    So we'll be back to hoping for a FG with 2nd & Goal from the 6 yard line darn near every drive?
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  18. DanA

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    It’s gonna function a hell of a lot like Rod Marinelli’s defense. Some subtle differences but it certain will look familiar.

    And before someone starts blathering about 3-4 remember Wilbur was our SAM for a long time, primarily used as a rushing off ball LB, he just barely saw the field outside ST because base isn’t used much by Marinelli and I doubt it will be by Quinn. Marinelli also used a wide-9 often and we tried a few guys (Quinn, Gregory, Mayowa) in that role with varying success.
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  19. CouchCoach

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    I think we're going to be surprised with the playing time these rookies get. They picked 8 players for a reason and with a new DC, starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed. Quinn will also get the advantage of actually seeing his players play before their first real game.

    I think he's going to run a pretty open roster set up and players are going to get the chance to earn that playing time. Two players put on notice quickly are Smith and Vander Esch, neither are guaranteed of being on the field on critical downs.

    One positive of a really bad defense is it is wide open for new blood to show what they can do. I think the only starter that feels he's secure is Lawrence and maybe Gregory, if he can get consistent.

    Between the FA's and rooks, it's going to be wide open with many opportunities.
  20. Aerolithe_Lion

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    I also think one over-confident mistake everyone is making is these guys are all rookies. When Jabril Cox steps onto that field against Tom Brady, it’ll be the first meaningful snap he’s taken in the NFL in his life.

    Parsons may turn out to be a great player, but you’re not getting 25 year old, perennial pro bowl Micah this year. When he’s in the open field trying to tackle Alvin Kamara, and AK pulls a triple move on him... that’s something collegiate football can’t prepare you for. Experience prepares you for that moment.

    Everyone saw Dak and Zeke have monster rookie years and felt some normalcy there, but for defense it works very different. Quality defensive play comes from reps, experience, years of it. Sometimes there’s a rookie like Darius Leonard who comes in guns blazing, but that’s rare. That’s really rare, why he got so much press about it. But there are threads expecting 2, 3, 4, 5 guys from this draft class to fix major defensive problems you had last year. That’s extraordinarily unrealistic.

    How was Demarcus Lawrence his rookie year? Nonexistent. Fletcher Cox? An okay rotational piece. Brian Dawkins? A rookie who played like a rookie. Ray Lp

    What’s far more realistic is Jaylon and LVE have good preseasons, are named starters, and play the vast majority of snaps this year (as long as they don’t poop the bed). Why would Quinn sub in a rookie who played 3 seasons at North Dakota State, unless he was desperate. Micah fills in for Sean Lee, but for how much nickel you played last year, how many overall snaps did Lee get? 30%? Less?

    You don’t draft guys(particularly defensive guys) in 2021 for 2021. You draft them for 2023, 2024, 2025+
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