A Quiet, Nasty Upgrade

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye19, May 15, 2021.

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    They call it bend and don't break, I call it bend and then break.
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    " Never go full ******"o_O

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    What? The shortened version of ******** is verboten:huh:
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    EDit: nebermind
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    Yah... Cox/Neal would be more vulnerable vs the run. But still think they could be stellar as nickel backers on obvious passing downs
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    Umm, let's just hope these rookies can even play. We don't know yet.

    Hopefully Parsons doesn't take too long to knock the rust off and pick up the pro game, and Joseph keeps his head on straight.

    That, plus an actual offseason with a new coaching staff, plus Quinn's vets being competent, plus further improvement from guys like Diggs and Gallimore and Wilson, might lead to something approaching average. Might.
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    I would be very very surprised if Jaylon had any more than a rotation job in the nickel. He played it last year because there was no one else and because for whatever reason this team doesn't seem to watch game film and make adjustments during the year regardless of who the coaches are. His coverage was horrible and It's clearly a big part of why this team brought in Neal. The whole idea is for him to play nickel LB because he sure as heck isn't playing LB on early downs at his size. It's also no coincidence that out of all of the teams that kept passing on Cox in the draft, that we were the ones to finally take the best cover LB in the draft. Lastly, we also aren't likely to be sitting Parsons much if he is who we think he is. So the idea that Jaylon is going to slot into a nickel spot all year is not one I agree with at all. I agree you can't expect too much from rookies and you don't want to throw too much at them year 1, so you aren't going to ask Cox to do too much in his first year. But what you are going to ask him to do is learn a specialty role and that's nickel coverage in Quinn's defense. Jaylon will start in the base defense I'm sure, but one of the goals of this offseason was clearly to get him off the field on 3rd down. Week 1? Not sure. But if he is playing FT in the nickel at the halfway point it would mean we whiffed on our offseason moves
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    ‘if I was coach, I would cut jaylon. So your preaching to the choir. However he is getting 12 million and whether we like it or not he is the leader of the defense. Sadly. And I’m sure jones keeps telling the coaches he is great.

    just don’t see a rookie 4th round pick unseating jaylon for playing time.
  10. Jarntt

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    I disagree and shame on the coaches if they hand out playing time based on the round guys were drafted in (I know you aren't saying this). Cox isn't your typical 4th round pick. He has 1st or 2nd round coverage skills and late round/UDFA run down skills. He is a specialty player. You are only playing two LBs in the nickel. We don't know yet what the plan is for Parsons in the nickel - edge or sitting in the middle/blitzing. We assume Neal was brought in to have a role there. Jaylon has proven he is horrible in the nickel. I just don't see it when it was clearly a focus of this offseason to get him off the field in those spots. Who knows what will happen and as we all know sometimes injuries will unfortunately make some decisions for us.
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    If people think the Cowboys are going to rely on rookies next season they are sadly mistaken. There will come a time where they will get Jaylon off the field on passing downs but that time is no time soon. Parsons is probably the only guy I can see them relying on this year as far as rookies go. Then depending on how the season goes we may see more reps to the rookies .
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    If Jaylon or LVE gets hurt expect them to sign a veteran on the level of Joe Thomas before they rely on Cox. The Cowboys aren’t going to go with a youth movement on defense which is why a lot of us thought they should’ve been more active in free agency.
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    Embracing position flex, as always. I think Quinn’s defense will have more flexibility, playing Cox and Neal in several different ways. I like the LBer group much more this year! I also look at who they’ve added on the DL and see a better run stopping unit AND better pass rushing. The front seven SHOULD be far superior to 2020, which’ll help an improved secondary, and when I say improved, I really think that’s an honest assessment. The scoffers will say we didn’t gain ground, because we didn’t add big names like Horn or Surtain, but we add length and speed and improved our depth.

    The Dallas D overall last year was what, 30th? 29th? I’m saying that 2021 will see us in the teens, MAYBE in the top 16 if they find their groove—higher in 2022.
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    and there are 3 times more starting offball linebackers on every team than Free safeties, strong safeties, nose tackles, 3-techs, and pass rushing a linebackers in 3-4’s.

    Yet only 7 in 20 years won DPoY
  15. Bullflop

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    I first saw Woody as a rookie at St. Edwards U., in Austin. At first sight, I'd have sworn he was a svelte offensive lineman, only to realize exactly who it was. For a guy who was supposed to play safety, I immediately knew he'd be a problem for the poor souls he'd have occasion to tackle. :D
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    Typical Marinelli - 10 years of D in Big D.
  17. John813

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    Would be nice but I'm more guarded that Cox could quickly win over the coaches to get significant playing time in the nickel soon.
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    It is a good option; although, I expect Cox to get limited snaps in 2021 but then be Neal's replacement in 2022.
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    The Cowboys will play as many veterans as possible for game 1. Rookies will need to be much better than veterans at their position in order to get much playing time in game 1.
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  20. xwalker

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    The bend don't break concept worked OK most years.

    We saw the opposite of bend don't break in 2020 with Mike Nolan's defense.
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