A Steal of a pick from Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SFloridaCowboy, May 1, 2022.

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    And this "value" nonsense. Got a buddy who insisted until he was forced to retire that Fredbeard was a bad pick due to poor "value". Yeah, terrible, got the best C in the game, but it was poor "value". How ridiculous.
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    My 12 year old daughter knew more then him 25 years ago.
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    he looks good, hope he still looks good after cowboys "coach him up"
  4. cowboyed

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    Yes, we can dip him into a black hole at the center of our galaxy for only 10 trillionth of a second and that will stretch him 2 feet. I did the calculation!
  5. CowboyoWales

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    That first sentence needs a regular BUMP.

    In a strange, varied and inconsistent draft, I think Lance Zierlein's write up of Ferguson is one of the most confusing and non-committal of all....it's as if it was written by three different people with split personalities, on three different days. If I had to sum it up i'd say he didnt suit playing at Wisconsin.

    Jake Ferguson Draft and Combine Prospect Profile | NFL.com
  6. Hennessy_King

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    Everyone ive met from Wisconsin is a thug
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  7. quickccc

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    - It's a reason why they are called " highlights" ... and they are designed to show good half of players.
    Just hope Ferguson is one that plays faster than what he 40 time runs,.. and he blocks better what was advertised in college.

    - i've never read from the more valid scouting profiles that he was a A+ blocker, ..in fact it was totally opposite. as one that needs to improve..
    Even those highlights brings to mind of Shultz 2.0 ...so we will have any TE than can consistently separate from man coverage ?
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  9. Risen Star

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    Ferguson is not an A+ blocker.

    It's like people just say things for the hell of it.
  10. kskboys

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    Schultz does. It's not about 40 times, especially in the short area.
  11. Pass2Run

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    He's more of a pass catching tight end..
  12. Hayseed

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    Kinda true. Even the old women up here walk around packing a pistol. :D

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