Abysmal play calling by Kyle Shanahan

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Supercowboy1986, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Supercowboy1986

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    It was like dejavú. The classic abandoning the run strategy fails once again.

    Atlanta only rushed the ball 4 times with freeman when they were winning 21-0.

    Complete choke job.
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  2. Reverend Conehead

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    It was a real head scratcher to be sure. It will haunt those guys the rest of their lives. I'm glad I'm not a Falcons fan today. 0 and 16 would be easier to take. I'm not saying that that's objectively a better result, only that the emotions in a loss like this are about the hardest thing ever. Ouch.
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  3. DandyDon52

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    Atl was avg 6.8 per carry, but still passed too much.
    KS doesnt understand that you should run all the time when you have a big lead, keep that clock rolling !
    Top for atl was 23 min , for ne it was 40 min, NE had way more time to comeback than they would have had if atl just ran more.
    plus they might get the fg there late if they run instead of pass.

    Funny thing is he still lacks fundemental thinking skills, but SF bought him as HC for millions !

    I think the atl players, made him look better than he is.
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  4. LittleBoyBlue

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    Gad zukes!
    He was whipping their arse to the tune of 28-3.

    I swear sometimes they think it's madden with the passing!

    He muffed up!
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  5. viman96

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    Quinn will take the brunt of the blame but IMO Shanahan is just as responsible.
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  6. LandryFan

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    If you look at the Falcons' message boards, nobody is blaming Quinn...everybody is blaming KS. Quinn should certainly be taking some heat...he is the HC, after all. Both coaches should shoulder that choke job equally, IMO.
  7. LittleBoyBlue

    LittleBoyBlue Redvolution

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    I was 100% giving credit specifically to shanahan... he was matching wits with Belichick.

    Then Belichick adjusted.
    Then shanahan went away from running game that was? 6+ yards per Carry?

    Shanahan lost this game for Quinn!
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  8. John813

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    As a Freeman Fantasy owner, I'm glad KS is leaving.
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  9. Proximo

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    It was bizarre. Looked like they were on their way to a blowout victory and it instead ended as the biggest choke job of all time.

    That has to be the worst possible loss a football fan could go through.
  10. Walker

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    The cowboys were doing the play calling, they abandon the run.
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  11. casmith07

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    You never go Full Linehan.
  12. CaptainMorgan

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  13. dallasfan4lizife

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    The falcons defense went full Marinelli. Ahhh, the perfect storm of busch-league incompetence on both sides of the football....Jerry Jones's signature coaching style.
  14. casmith07

    casmith07 Attorney-at-Zone

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    They wouldn't have had to. With a 28 point lead, all they had to do was run the ball and snap the ball late in the play clock to prevent the Patriots from maximizing their chances to score. They didn't -- they abandoned a 6.8 ypc rusher and started throwing the ball.

    Absolutely mind-boggling play calling.
  15. casmith07

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    If Atlanta possesses the ball for 7 more minutes, they erase the one long TD drive by the Patriots and the game ends with them winning by 4 at worst.

    That is essentially the equivalent of running the ball 7-10 more times (5-7 seconds per play, 40 second play clock) in the entire half.

    I still don't understand how all of these NFL coaches and organizations, with all of their metrics, don't account for simple math when it comes to clock management.
  16. khiladi

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    Most Coaches are idiots, it's becoming quite clear.. growing up around football and they throw turds like this. I bet half this forum, if they spent as much time around football as these guys would do just as good a job..
  17. Biggems

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    If I am Atlanta, I go after a man that knows how to properly use the run pass ratio.......Norvell Turner. He will have that offense getting big leads, then using the running game to dominate the clock and secure victory after victory.

    As far as I am concerned, Linehan and Shannahan have over compensation issues......they feel the need to try and prove their prowess, by calling stupid fluff plays, instead of sensible meat and potato plays.
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  18. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    Julio got nowhere enough targets
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  19. Eric_Boyer

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    99% of you are morons. so I disagree heavily.
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  20. Sarge

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