Accepting a loss year of high expectations-game thoughts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Cowboyny

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    -Disappointing, somewhat embarrassing loss today.

    -Losing both our starting tackles was such a huge blow, especially against this opponent. Both Knight and Steele were never expected to take one snap this season, not play in multiple games. No team is going to be successful playing their #5/#6 Tackles which these two are. Washington dominated the trenches once again.

    -Bad coaching throughout the game, going for it twice in our zone (1 fake punt) tells me they don't trust the defense what so ever. Why is the world does Moore not give Zeke the football in short conversions, say what you want about Zeke's poor season, but he is the best option to gain a yard to move the sticks.

    -Thought Andy Dalton played well, he did hold onto the football too long at times, but he also made a few key conversions with his legs. Lamb was apart of two huge unfavorable plays, first he was mugged on 4th down where no penalty occurred, the TD drop was disasterous on a great pass from Dalton.

    -Where do I start about the defense. Will do it differently: Lawrence, Gregory, Aldon, Lve, A. Woods, Wilson, all flash throughout a game, the rest of the defense is complete garbage. Why in the world is Awuzie playing 10 yards back in off coverage? X Woods watches plays, but never reacts to them. How many times do we need to see Jaylon guess the wrong gaps and vacate the one he is suppose to be in. The defense biggest strength is their pass rush, but we never see it cause teams are always 3rd and short cause they either cannot stop the run or give up too many underneath passes.

    -Fassell has to stop this madness in our own end, defense just isn't good enough to stop anyone in a short-field.

    We all had high hopes for the season for this Cowboy Team. Having so many injuries up front has killed this offense, along with Zeke having his career worst season. We all knew this offense had to light up the scoreboard to have any chance for success as the defense was in transition and it will take time to rebuild the unit.
  2. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    This season is like an Andy Dalton's pass...its been dropped.
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  3. Motorola

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    Cowboys Fans....let's not delude ourselves; the 2019 season was the FIRST lost year of high expectations. But what is really disappointing ----the new head coach is making just as many in-game crucial bad decisions as the former head coach.
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  4. JBS

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    Dropped is probably the last word I would use to describe an Andy dalton pass
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  5. Motorola

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    Over the last eleven seasons, the Dallas Cowboys have a 4-7 record on Thanksgiving. Their victory margins were 1, 7, 5, and 8 points.
    Of the seven defeats only the earliest two have been by one score - 3 in 2010, 7 in 2012. The last five losses have been by double-digits \ multiple scores ---- 21, 19, 22, 11, 25 points.
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  6. FiveSuperBowls

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    Can we now activate Anae and Reggie? Let’s see what they got. Have to start investing in the youngsters, that doesn’t mean tanking.
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  7. SlammedZero

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    I'm ok with trying to do a trick play here and there through the season but this team just seems to be forcing it. Especially in really questionable times during the football game. I don't know if they're trying to be trendy, prove something, or hoping to look smart but the bottom-line is that it's not working. Just something really peculiar going on with all these gutsy calls.
  8. Johnny23

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    People are overlooking the absurd attempt at a wr throwback pass(Philly Special) on the drive following Jaylon's interception. That was inexcusable as the fake punt.
  9. Jake

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    We did? This team was 8-8 last year, lost their best CB in free agency, lost their Pro Bowl center to retirement, added a few has-beens on defense, and drafted a WR. I didn't see this team being much better than last year, if at all.

    Folks convinced themselves that it was only JG holding back this team and McCarthy was the answer - neither were true. It's a one-dimensional team on its best day. Until defense becomes something more than an afterthought this team is going nowhere.
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  10. charron

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    Anyone who had high expectations was fooling themselves.
  11. daboyzruleperiod

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  12. buybuydandavis

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    Isn't that the second Dalton to Lamb td pass dropped?
  13. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    I can't remember.
  14. GORICO

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    mr Cowboy of New York-- this has to be the worst year of cowboy history of falling so low where everything has gone horribly wrong ....i hate it when we become laughing stocks
  15. GORICO

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    mr Motorola--wow i read the blip bottom of page.... 55 years as cowboy fan as of 2020..that means since 1965...mine just hit the golden anniversary of 50 years since 1970....good to know you fellow fan
  16. Cowfan75

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    Yup. The division was garbage last season and we couldn't make the playoffs with our star QB. We swapped a fake coach for a bad coach, kept a bad OC, hired a worse DC, and signed a couple guys beyond their prime. I will admit to getting excited about Griffin, but that excitement was short-lived.
  17. mahoneybill

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    used to,be the start of a run to playoffs . Now a feast for the visiting team
  18. xwalker

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    The defense just wore down.

    It's a wacky lost season without Dak and due to Covid no off-season...might as well go for it on 4th downs ..
  19. JoeKing

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    2020 is a lost season for the Dallas Cowboys, something we all should have seen coming given the new coaching staff trying to install a new scheme on all areas of the game during a global pandemic. Then training camp came and they failed to teach anyone how to tackle. Then the injury bug had its way with our players. We are lucky we got all the way to December before our schedule of games was modified due to Covid. It's a lost season no doubt. We have no other option but to accept it but we do have options in the way of what to do to not repeat it next season.

    The biggest thing would be to get this virus under control so we can stop this virtual coaching from afar. We need OTAs and a real hands-on training camp where physicality is not stifled by pandemic protocol. That's no way to install a new scheme. Preseason games are most certainly a necessity. We need a full and healthy preseason if we are ever to have a full and fruitful season. I pray humanity can make that happen. I accept this is a lost season but I don't accept it will happen again. Injured players will return, The new coaching staff will finally get that new scheme installed and this virus will get conquered.
  20. Cowboyny

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    We haven't seen so many injuries like this yr in a long while

    Team just didn't have enough time and the personnel to make the scheme transition

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