Adam Schefter: Wentz will ask to be traded

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 3, 2021.

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    I never thought he was great, but I am surprised they gave up on him that fast. Put a decent team around him and he should be ok. And you're right, some team will get lucky because they won't be taking on that cap hit, Philly will. The 59 mil in dead money will drop to 44 mil in a trade if I'm not mistaken. Still a lot.
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    Philly would have to eat $25M in dead money (Base salary for 2021 is $34.6M with $59M in dead money) so not sure how they could move on from him after this season.
  3. CATCH17

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    He has great talent..

    He’s been a trailer up until this point and gets the same results as guys like Dak & Dalton.
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    I don't think for a minute that Lurie and Roseman didn't know where this was headed when Pederson named Hurts the starter in his first game. I also don't think they regret the move at all.

    I think any team considering him better think on that and take a look back at what I've seen between Wentz and his fellow players, I think the Eagles like him about as much as the Skins liked Griffin. And it got worse when he got that contract. You ever watch his eyes after screwing up a play and coming off the field, he's not making eye contact with his teammates. He is just not a leader.

    Look how he handled his benching. Now, think about how Hurts handled his in the biggest game of his life, that player is a leader and a teammate. Carson Wentz is Jeff George or Jay Cutler 2.0.
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    Yeah not sure how that could work? I guess he could sign a new deal before a trade but bonus money is already paid out and on the books.
  6. CouchCoach

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    He has a great arm, just like Cutler and George had. Takes more than that. Wentz is a good passer but I do not consider him a good QB.
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    The eagles arent going to trade him when he has over 60mil in dead money in 2021. lol and hes trash. System QB who is trash once you take away his primary read.
  8. Teague31

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    No one is going to be in a hurry to take on that contract.
  9. eternaljester81

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    I hope he goes to the AFC and tears it up. He seems like a great guy who just needs a fresh start.
  10. DallasEast

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    I believe there would be a miniscule reduction in site membership if that happened. Keep in mind that CowboysZone has tens of thousands of members, so even 'miniscule' could be a notable number.
  11. ShortRound131

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    Patriots might be interested

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    Does Wentz have a no-trade clause in his contract? Otherwise, ‘asking’ is irrelevant.

    A QB of Wentz’s caliber does not ask for anything. He demands. :)

    Rams had to get out of Gurley. Eagles have to get out of Wentz. Rams need to get out of Goff. Like in real estate sometimes, getting out can be difficult when the market fluctuates suddenly.

    Cowboys need to beware with Dak especially with what we are seeing with Zeke.
  13. 12+88=7

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    No team will take that contract plus give up picks.

    He plays for Philadelphia in 2021.
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  14. Furboy

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    That would make a lot of sense. I wonder where Rivers goes.
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  15. America's Cowboy

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    You Eagles fans need to understand this is a Cowboys Forum. This Wince garbage story is in the wrong forum.
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    it is going to be interesting to see how the eagles handle this. There is no simple way to solve the money problem.
  17. Risen Star

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    Don't tell me I'm not important.
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  18. Risen Star

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    He'd eclipse everything Brady has ever done there.
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  19. Flamma

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    What contract are they taking on? I'm pretty sure the new team is only going to be responsible for what hasn't been already paid, base salary. So if he goes to the Colts for example, I think their cap hit would be around 15.4 million. Most of that dead money is on the Eagles.

    Picks? I don't see any team giving up a lot for him in that regard.
  20. viman96

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    I do not care if he gets traded. However I do want to see their offseason filled with heavy drama. Fanbase continues split. Locker room takes sides. Coaches "preference" is leaked. Media grilling the team for updates. Yep that would be perfect.
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