Added Some Straight Up Dawgs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye19, Apr 27, 2020.

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    This is true. It's an underrated aspect to our class. All 7 players play with swagger.
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  2. rnr_honeybadger

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    Pump the breaks folks. Yes we got some good individuals in the draft. What will determine if this team goes anywhere is if it can play like a team instead of a collection of talented individuals.
  3. The Fonz

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    It is a good sign but let's wait and see
  4. Clove

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    Well, from looking at tapes, I know Ceedee is a dogg, I know Anae is a dogg, and I know Gallimore is a dogg. So that's what I determined right off the bat. One of those corners is a dogg, and DiNucci is a dogg.
  5. Redball Express

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    I think all of us had to have been crestfallen when Beard retired.

    He was a stainless steel padlock in a zinc copper world.

    Blew my mind they finally drafted the Wisconsin center to fix the position.

    I am against having #1 picks for the OL when the defense leaks like a sieve.

    These other gang members we hope we drafted is a step in the right direction.

    I just hope Big Mike does not wakeup and think he has Aaron Rodgers as his QB.

    Dak is more like Brett Farve. Roll out, throw on the run, tuck it and force the safeties out of their rocking chairs.

    How these dudes work out will be worth watching.

    And as more FAs come out, more changes with the roster means more fuel to our fire.

    We shall see.

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  6. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    This is why I was and will always be furious by how they did Dez. You won't find a bigger alpha who wants it more, in a Cowboys jersey no less, than Dez
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  7. CF74

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    Weeeee Dogggies!!!!
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  8. xwalker

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    UDFA Garrett Marino has a touch of insanity to his game.
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  9. johneric8

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    I agree, for as much as the haters put so much on Dak's shoulders, I feel like he has been the lead dog on this team fighting the freckled puppet's toxic stench..
  10. johneric8

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    It's quite easy to have a man crush on Mike McCarthy after what we've been through with the Freckled Puppet.... I love that Big Mike is real, and just straight up honest, it's such a nice departure from the car salesman act that Garrett exuded.
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  11. Typhus

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    Tell us more please...
  12. bark

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    ehh we’re only guessing at this point.
    You can never be sure unless they sign a copy of coach rod’s work ethic contract.
    That’s how I knew we had a grinder in Trysten Hill bro

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