AFC Championship Game - Bengals vs Chiefs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Reality, Jan 29, 2022.

  1. jazzcat22

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    Up by 3, really wish they could have got the TD. Plenty of time left.
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  2. nate dizzle

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    Oh I dunno, wasn't he the one in the battle with GB earlier this year where they each missed like 4 kicks? Still, playoff clutch trumps reg season clutch every time so you'd be right I guess.
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  3. SlammedZero

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    And to think it looked over for Cincy after that first half!
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  4. Hadenough

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    I'm cheering for Burrows but there is just too much time on the clock for mahomes.
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  5. starfan1

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    There gonna be at least 2 more scores. Probably
  6. SoBlue128

    SoBlue128 Well-Known Member

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    I don't think so. 28-31 total points seems to be what will be needed
  7. glimmerman

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    They are playing the pass and getting run on.. and passed on. The best thing they could have done is hoped for pressure..
  8. Tabascocat

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    Heck of a game, be even better if Cincy hangs on for the win :thumbup:
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  9. Aviano90

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    Cincy went from 2-14 to 4-11-1 to having a realistic shot at the SB. Absolutely amazing!
  10. jwooten15

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    McPherson is clutch too! Idk what that feels like
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  11. Jake

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    Mahomes hasn't done anything this half, but it's asking a lot to stop him now.

    I'm impressed the Bengals are even in this position. Can they pull this off?
  12. nalam

    nalam The realist

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    No 2nd half points by Mahomes, Reid and ( kelce , hill …. )
  13. pitt33

    pitt33 Well-Known Member

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    1982 rematch
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  14. lukin2006

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    If Cincy stops them here…game over. Go bengals.
  15. boysfanperiod

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    Er, Tua is okay! :cool:
  16. Chuck 54

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    Mahomes will either do his thing or make another foolish mistake. Both QBs have thrown some passes t.hat could easily have been picked. Mahomes is the best QB currently in the NFL, but he’s had some stinkers this year.
  17. cityochamps

    cityochamps Super Bowl LVII

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    Cinci has never won a SB, be nice to see them get one
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  18. nightrain

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    How about the job Zac Taylor has done in Cincy? :clap:
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  19. pitt33

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    I had Chiefs by 10

    I’ll keep my day job
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  20. SlammedZero

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    Also 1989

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