AFC Championship Game - Bengals vs Chiefs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Reality, Jan 29, 2022.

  1. Reid1boys

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    It is the bengals great front 9ffice and coaching that so obviously is why they are in the SB.
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  2. zeroburrito

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    he's elite, but burrow has surpassed him.
  3. Diehardblues

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  4. mardwin

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    They showed up in the second half. Credit to the defense they won it for them.
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  5. aikemirv

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    That’s not drivel-that’s calling the plays that will work ahead of time-all the time-he would make an unbelievable OC
  6. Reality

    Reality Admin

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    I would have been fine if either team won the game, but the underdog fan in me is very glad to see the Bengals win it and now are headed to the Super Bowl.
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  7. uvaballa

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    Good win Bengals now go win the SB please. I don’t want the Rams or 9ers to win it.

    Chiefs seemed to think this was over. Not taking the FG to end the second quarter was huge. Also not sticking with the run to end the 4th quarter was a big mistake.
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  8. IceStar-D7

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    I hate all the teams left....No need for me to watch NO stinking Super Bowl:facepalm::facepalm:
  9. KJJ

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    I didn’t see Cincinnati winning this game.
  10. Silverstar

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    Did anybody have money on the Bengals going to the SB?

    Don't lie! :laugh:
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  11. shabazz

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  12. JohnnyTheFox

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    Wait, what. Guess Mahomes can't walk on water after all.
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  13. nightrain

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    Ickey Woods in the house.
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  14. Diehardblues

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    Defense can still impact these great QB’s
  15. nalam

    nalam The realist

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    Well Mahomes and Reid had a chance to win it in end of regulation and in OT, crapped the bed, I couldn’t understand Mahomes way of thinking in those 2 Long sacks to end regulation
  16. lurkercowboy

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    Deservedly so!
  17. Carson

    Carson Well-Known Member

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    Chido to the Super bowl!
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  18. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

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    KC owns the Bills and Cincy owns KC.
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  19. shabazz

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    Cinderella story!!!!!!!!
  20. Romo_To_Dez

    Romo_To_Dez Well-Known Member

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    Mahomes DID give the Bengals the game. He completely choked away a lead and couldn't finish when he had the chance.
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