After 2 plus year I had the Rona

Discussion in 'COVID Zone' started by Whyjerry, Apr 24, 2022.

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    I'm glad you recovered, Xelda.
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    Thank you Mr. nobody. You are somebody to us.
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    Got blasted this Saturday with a strong cold after flying back from the cold north. Thought about getting a COVID test but in the end, not sure it matters anymore. The only reason I suspected it might be something different than a usual cold-warm cold is because my throat hurt like a mother bleeper. Was of the same opinion as the OP —Two years and now this? Glad to hear all the stories of those with the scares who recovered. It’s common these days for me to meet people who tell me of their ‘crash diets’ in the ER from COVID, I.e. 2-4 week scares, 25-50lb instant weight loss.. That’s gotta be scary not allowed contact and just laying around for weeks to see if your lungs will give up.
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    The first time I got covid (unvaccinated), I had THE worst sore throat that I ever remember. Like it would swell up in my sleep so bad that it would wake me up feeling like I couldn't breathe. It hurt to swallow my saliva. Yes, I was negative for Strep throat. The second time with covid (vaccinated), my throat was fine but my lungs were crap. I felt shortness of breath for 2 months

    Just curious. Have you gotten covid before or was this your first scare?
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    He’s just triggered because you pointed out he’s incorrect.

    Some people when called out on their BS can’t help but point the finger.
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    Maybe the shots help?
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    I feel blessed that you recovered. Place would not be the same w/o you.
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    Glad everyone who has gotten the thing has made it back to tell the story. I have dodged it so far but have had family members and neighbors get it and just like here they report a wide range of experiences.. from "no more than a bad cold" to "I thought I was going to go meet God." We as human beings are all different. We should embrace that .. it's what makes life fun..
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    Probably the best take.
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    Thank you and bless you, ksk. It wouldn't be the same without you either.

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