Aikman Efficiency Ratings: Cowboys vs. Jets

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  1. Hot_Toddy

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    Full Aikman Efficiency Ratings Here:

    Aikman Efficiency Ratings (Cowboys/Jets):


    Overall: 3
    Offense: 2
    Defense: 10


    Overall: 30
    Offense: 31
    Defense: 14

    Aikman's Formula:

    Adjusted Points (20%): Total Points Scored or Allowed minus Points on Returns and Safeties
    Turnovers (20%)
    Red Zone Efficiency (20%)
    : Measured by Percent of Possible Points (see below)
    Yards Per Play: divided into Yards Per Rush (10% of total) and Yards Per Pass Play (10% of total). Yards Per Pass Play includes yards on plays involving sacks.
    First Down Achievement: divided into Total First Downs (10% of total) and 3rd Down Conversion Percentage (10% of total)
    Percentage of Possible Points in the Red Zone: figured by taking the number of Red Zone Chances times 7, then dividing it by the number of Points Actually Scored (defined as TDs times 7 plus FGs times 3).
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  2. Runwildboys

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    This is all without their starting QB though, isn't it?
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  3. The Quest for Six

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    Cowboys are entering a hornets nest tomorrow, they better be ready for it, the Jets are a desperate team.....
  4. Hot_Toddy

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    Yes it is. Except for the first game.
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  5. DandyDon52

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    yes lol so those dont mean much.
    I got the 1st game jets vs bills, and watched the 1st half, and jets defense looks pretty good.
    They get after the qb , had a sack fumble they took in for td.
    The offense bell looked ok running, but darnold just ok , was under pressure a lot.
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  6. DandyDon52

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    Well even if tanking, they would love to beat the cowboys.
  7. Hot_Toddy

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    The Jets Defense looks pretty good. I haven't seen much of their QB.

    You are right, we can't underestimate the Jets.

    I still have flashbacks from 2006. Cowboys at 9-6 with playoff seeding at stake vs the Lions at 2-13. Lions won that game.

    Never underestimate an opponent.
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  8. Captain-Crash

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    Well, if they can pressure Dak, then this will be a game we can lose. Then the excuse will be "everybody on the offensive line is hurt", not that Dak can't handle the pressure.
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  9. Flamma

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    Game theory has the Cowboys with a 60% chance at winning. That's sad if you think about it. But you're right. Cowboys need to show up or they risk losing this game.
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  10. Zman5

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    Having JG on our sidelines always gives the opposing team a chance.
  11. Parcells4Life

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    Jets are without CJ Mosely who is a big player in the middle of their D.

    even when Darnold played week 1 they only averaged 3.4 yards per play. This hasn’t been a dangerous offense even with Darnold but now they may actually be able to get a few first downs

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