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Aldon Smith makes Greg Hardy look like a choir boy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

    6,144 Messages
    19,033 Likes Received
    First of all, I’m all for everyone in society getting second chances. People suffering from drug and alcohol addictions who make serious attempts to get sober deserve our support. But people with domestic violence problems are different, especially when it comes to putting them on a national stage like the NFL. Domestic Violence perpetrators need help, but they don’t need a roster spot.

    Yahoo Sports ran an article last night on Aldon Smith’s incredibly long rap sheet. Below is an excerpt from that article:

    Aldon Smith’s mountain of legal issues

    Here’s a rundown of the long list of off-field issues Smith has encountered since entering the NFL:
    This list makes Greg Hardy look like a choir boy.
    As I said in the beginning of this post- second chances are good. But for domestic violence? I want the Cowboys to win as bad as anyone. But not without at least some level of respectability.

    Here’s the link to the article I quoted:
  2. darthseinfeld

    darthseinfeld Drunk on Dalton Juice Zone Supporter

    20,020 Messages
    20,761 Likes Received
    All I really care about is how he effects our ability the win games

    Im more concerned with the 4 year layoff than his rap sheet
  3. DakPresgoat

    DakPresgoat Well-Known Member

    14,272 Messages
    30,834 Likes Received
    Wow that is quite the rap sheet.

    He blew a .4. BAC? It is he still alive?
  4. BigStar

    BigStar Stop chasing

    9,698 Messages
    11,221 Likes Received
    I've never seen a BAC that high and I watch a lot of Live PD. If he's sober now, what can it hurt. Seemed most of his issues were alcohol/weed related but also didn't realize he got a dui last year...get em on the antabuse; anti alcohol drug makes you sick if you ingest it.
    DakPresgoat likes this.
  5. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

    63,115 Messages
    70,508 Likes Received
    I can understand how anyone could feel some manner of trepidation. As you posted in your list, Smith has certainly justified it and reasons for people being skeptical. But I think the common thread of all of what you listed is alcohol. It clearly took his career and his life off the rails. But if he's sober as Jay Glazer has verified and we are to believe, then that one factor that was leading him astray is (currently) out of the picture. So if it stays that way, I think he has the potential to succeed in turning his life around. If not? He doesn't.
  6. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

    6,144 Messages
    19,033 Likes Received
    On March 3, Smith was accused of a domestic violence incident in which he threw his fiancée “around the room, bit her on the wrist and climbed out the window,” according to a police dispatch call via KTVU in San Francisco. The Raiders released him shortly after. Smith turned himself into police on charges of willful infliction of corporal injury, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism (less than $400).

    False imprisonment? Assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury. And all this happened two years ago. It’s just mind boggling to me if the NFL reinstates this guy with this kind of domestic violence history.
  7. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    23,999 Messages
    10,569 Likes Received
    Greg Hardy beat the stuff out of that girl, was arrested for felony drug possession (cocaine), and had an arsenal of illegal weapons. Smith struggled to stay sober.

    Hardy is legit a bad person. Smith struggled with alcoholism. So, no, he doesn't make Hardy look like anything.
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  8. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

    Oz-of-Cowboy-Country Well-Known Member

    4,368 Messages
    5,185 Likes Received
    Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Not taking up for any of these guys but there are way more worse people in this world. Go to YouTube and look up Rape is consensual in India. Domestic violence is horrible but there are some real monsters in this world.

    As far as giving guys a second chance, I agree with it somewhat because our judicial system has parole. But child molesters, rapist, and murders should never be allowed to go free IMO. So Aldon Smith is a bad guy but he's not a complete monster like some of these other people.

    Rape is consensual in India....is the title of the video.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2020
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  9. Jeffkills

    Jeffkills Well-Known Member

    1,897 Messages
    2,452 Likes Received
    Don’t care in the slightest...

    Please lord, let him, DLAW, and Randy BLOW IT UP!!!
  10. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

    6,144 Messages
    19,033 Likes Received
    Smith struggled with alcoholism....and domestic violence. It’s the second part I have a big problem with. The NFL has stated it has no tolerance of DV. So do they now?
  11. unionjack8

    unionjack8 Well-Known Member

    14,515 Messages
    15,458 Likes Received
    Can he play RDE? if he can then let him rush that passer.....
  12. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    23,999 Messages
    10,569 Likes Received
    Whether or not he should be reinstated isn't the point.

    The point is that he's no worse than Greg Hardy.
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  13. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

    14,648 Messages
    10,241 Likes Received
    Another poor optics signing....
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  14. boxer-rumble

    boxer-rumble Well-Known Member

    2,622 Messages
    5,272 Likes Received
    If he’s still in shape, can ball out, and blow up QBs then I’m rooting for him. Just stay clean and out of trouble man! Hopefully he’s learned from his mistakes and takes full advantage of this chance.
  15. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    16,069 Messages
    14,790 Likes Received
    Sounds like someone with a chemical imbalance that both refuses to get it treated and then exacerbates it with alcohol and drugs (not weed). I'm not remotely a fan of this signing. Money be damned, this isn't the personality, influence, or decision making I want in my locker room. Then again, its not my team...
  16. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

    25,005 Messages
    47,693 Likes Received
    That's what, 5x the legal limit?
  17. Pompey-Cowboy

    Pompey-Cowboy Well-Known Member

    901 Messages
    1,478 Likes Received
    Given that his most recent arrest is just last year, where is the evidence that he's reformed or even reforming? Don't want him or the circus that will inevitably come with him.
    aria likes this.
  18. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

    25,005 Messages
    47,693 Likes Received
    Well Jay Glazer says it's "incredible how much he's turned his life around".......so there's that.
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  19. DanTanna

    DanTanna Original Zone Member

    2,926 Messages
    1,243 Likes Received
    I do not want him as a Cowboy! one more screw up by Aldon and Zeke is suspended for the year.
    TwentyOne, pancakeman, TonyS and 9 others like this.
  20. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

    28,235 Messages
    10,098 Likes Received
    Smith has legit been a train-wreck but I like the deal (not the person).
    He has zero guaranteed money in it and this is like a futures deal where even if he does everything correctly the team holds all the power.

    This isn't all that different from the one year deal we got Quinn on last year in trade.
    We have a need and will give them shine to get big bucks.

    Dude has to stay clean 5 months just to get to training camp so we shall see.

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