All this drama is taking away

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Ranching, Jul 30, 2019.

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    From the fact that Garrett still sucks, Daks arm is suspect, Moore is an unproven coordinator and Marinelli is looking over his shoulder. Zeke will be back next week, we have bigger issues.
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  2. SeaTurtle1

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    Garrett is mediocre.
    Daks arm is fine.
    Agreed on Moore.
    Marinelli is outdated. Damn I wish we could have elevated Eberflus before he got the Colts DC job.
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  3. CCBoy

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    I don't feel that a coach with as much actual experience now, as well as the imputs that have been flying at him, will remain impotent with his level of actual accomplishment.

    Jason Garrett will have more direct imput into the offensive side of ball...that will help.

    Also, the experience and depth of the coaching staff, mixed with a core of veterans...such as Witten, Lee, and Smith, will raise the awareness and attention - to - detail levels on the carpet. The team should be starting out stronger, and adapt much more quickly now...on the carpet and the side lines as well.
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  4. CF74

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    *Loud Noises*
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  5. Irvin88_4life

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    Daks arm isn't suspect to anybody that breaks down film and doesn't just say what the majority says cause they want to seem cool.
  6. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Our defensive line will wear down as the season goes on. Just like it did last year. That's the one thing all drama is taking away from to me.
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Wrong. He completed 70% with Cooper in the lineup;
  8. DallasEast

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  9. Whyjerry

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    All reports suggest Dak looks great. His arm is fine. Matt Stafford has the best arm of them all and he has been a dud. Garrett definitely sucks.
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  10. America's Cowboy

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  11. Blackspider214

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    Get ready. The first incomplete pass Dak throws this season and people on here will want him benched.
  12. Floatyworm

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    Funny you mentioned this..because I was just about to start a thread saying the same thing. Just watched todays practice...And we are not headed in the right direction for a lot of reasons.

    -For all the hype Conner Willams got for "beefing up"....he still sucks. Whiffing on a bunch of blocks...failing to get to the 2nd level...missed reach blocks allowing penetration.

    -Anthony Brown is the human torch. I've never seen a DB get burned as much as this guy...and still have a job.

    -Have major issues w/ the way our LBers are being deployed. Jaylon is your middle LBer right now. He doesn't get near the depth in his drops in coverage as LVE does. That middle blitz Jaylon does...rarely does he get pressure up the middle.Think you are wasting his talent as a blitzer coming off the corner....which is his specialty. Just has a knack for it.

    And by playing Jaylon in the middle...your taking away what LVE does people down..and destroy the other teams run game.

    -Sean Lee...what else is there to say? 2 days in...and done. LBer depth is a major issue.

    -I'm not sold on Travis Frederick coming back. He looked really stiff...and like a guy that hasn't played in a few years...instead of months.

    -And here was a surprise...Antwan Wood. He looks soft....not seeing the same fire as last a guy desperate to make the squad.

    -Really disappointed in Trysten Hill already. He looks like a guy that his head is already spinning 3 days into camp. Filo was just kicking his *** in team drills...driving him into the ground. Rookie getting up...not knowing where the football was..or what day it is???

    -I saw one clip of Taco on day one...and he looked like he had bulked up a day 3...he looks like a guy that has lost 20lbs already....shriveling in the heat. Skinny....I'm not sure what to think of him now. I don't think he will be your strong side DE rotating w/ Lawrence. Nor do I think he has the speed to play on the right side...He may be in trouble making this roster. I can see a scenerio where they move Crawford to the strong side..and Quinn and Dorance Armstrong man the RDE. Been impressed w Armstrong so far.

    -I wanna see more of Iloka w/ the first team...from the snaps I've seen so far...he came on a safety blitz that would have been a huge sack...and he's had a scoop fumble and would be score. He's the biggest safety we have by far...and I'm starting to think he might make this roster as a hybrid SS/LBer.

    -Guys that have caught my eye for good reasons...Jarwin, Donovan Wilson, Tavon, Armstrong, La'el and Maliek and Pollard.

    -Guys that have disappointed...Elliott no show is BS, Hill, Lee, Rico, A. Brown, C. Willams, and Taco. Basically all your disappointments are the same cast as last year...that disappointed. Which maybe is why I'm so disappointed w/ this start of camp so far. Not much has changed. Feels like this team is pretty content w/
    the way things went last year....that they just need to do what they have done in the past. Not liking the tempo of camp so far. I had to laugh @ Marinelli saying he likes the pace so far (And I'm sure he does-for a guy that should be retired) But...Sorry..they look like a bunch of cattle out there grazing. And we are only day 3 into this thing. I guess I should expect as much...because it's been the motto of this team for years. Just get through practice without injury....take it easy.

    -Not seeing a whole lot of coaching out there on the defensive side of the ball....kind of surprising since that's what Richard is supposed to be known for.
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  13. America's Cowboy

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    Love your "at camp" honesty, FloatyWorm. Keep it coming. Appreciate it.
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  14. Irvin88_4life

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    And that's just foolish like the idiots that dislike Dak.
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  15. JoeKing

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    Garrett is not that bad.
    Daks arm is fine.
    Moore has yet to be given a chance to prove himself as a coordinator, so chill.
    Marinelli is smart enough to share DC duties with Richard.
    Zeke is out for the long haul which can potentially sink the season, which means there is no bigger issue.
  16. Floatyworm

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    Not to bag on their field level clips of practice leave something to be desired. Just found a decent clip of practice...enjoy

    And just to add 2 more guys that caught my eye...Christian Covington #95...Jalen Jelks #74 rookie

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  17. jazzcat22

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    Yeah, but what is on the menu to watch all of it. :D
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