Almost a week from last game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cwby41, Jan 22, 2022.

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    Ok I usually abide by a 24 hr rule when anything involves emotion in life. Well this game I needed a week.
    Im a fan for over 50yrs. I have seen a lot good and bad. No matter what happens or how I feel this team is about as much of my life after family and friends. So if I wanted to I could never stop watching, following or being apart of them.
    That being said after watching another season wrap up I know and understand that winning a Super Bowl is extremely difficult. But watching the way we operate year after year is extremely difficult.
    I tend to believe what I see and I basically expected what happened to us against the 49ers. We are exactly what showed up that day. We have gone from Garrett to McCarthy with same results. I believe MM did some good things, we seemed at times this year to win some games in the past that we would of lost.
    We won games with numerous players out which in the past if our starting G was out it was an excuse for a loss. I credit him that.
    My feelings are for this team to make a jump we ned a no nonsense coach that is cocky and arrogant in his own right that his attitude passes on to his team.
    Im following this team long enough to know how things work in Texas. A High School stud is a God in his town, when you play for the Cowboys everyone is better than what they really are due to us fans and media alike. A good player is great and a great player is a super star.
    That is what we have become living off the backs of the players in the 70s and 90s.
    We need a coach to remind them that no one player is bigger than the team and to knock them down when they start to think to much of themselves.
    A blue collar guy with the toughness and no bull**** attitude. Yes like a JJ or Parcells type guy. These coaches dont grow on trees but that is the guy we need here and if not we will see the same **** show we have become accustomed to.
    We need more players that care about winning and not fall in the comfort zone we have here. Irvin, Emmitt and Troy as well as Haley would not except anything less and these were your stars. We do not have that here.
    I do not know wht Jerry will do I feel he is his own worst enemy at times due to his own emotion as a fan as well as owner and he doesnt know how to get out of his own way, but you cant have the talent we have and not win year after year.
    Coaching is a huge difference in this game and he needs to make that right choice. I do not know who is available but he needs to have a group of guys in the know to narrow that down and find that coach.
    Kellen Moore is not that guy he was exposed and didnt have answers as the season went on to make adjustments on scheme. How do you have the WR we have with the way we run routes and not throw them open? But thats for another post.
    Well here is praying Jerry moves on from what we have now and is able to find his man, he did once before when he got tired of losing and got Parcells. I do not know who is out there that would come to mind, maybe a Harbaugh or someone of that caliber.
    Enjoy your off season, stay well and safe from all the other **** that is out their affecting us.
    Best to you all
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    It's okay if fans and media do that, but the men signing players need to be able to discern the difference between good and great. One might get you to the playoffs, the other wins championships.

    I think you're engaging in a bit of the hyperbole from your last point. Do the Cowboys have some talent? Obviously. Is it better than the teams still playing football this weekend? It's debatable. There are some obvious weak areas compared to those teams, as well as some strengths.

    That's been the problem since the day Jerry happily said goodbye to the best coach he ever hired and immersed himself further into football operations, while also promoting his son. None of the head coaches Jerry has let go, after Jimmy, have gotten another head coaching gig in the NFL. That's not an accident.
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    The last statement is the nail in the GM pays 4mill a year for in demand HC's...also real HC's dont love knowing the owners pet cat OC is running the show..also the owner plays house with the this is depressing me so I'm gonna stop.
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    Meh. I went out dancing last night with some chicks after a fun dinner out with friends. Hosting a party tonight then sports bar for the games tomorrow.

    Life is good. If my team can't get their stuff together and win championships it ain't my problem.
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    I came to this realization a few years ago. It will not change so long as a Jones is in charge and I have no power to change that.

    I don't let their failures effect me anymore, at least not much. Dealing with their ineptitude is easy now.
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    Great replies and insight Thanks
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    Last week’s loss will stay with some fans the entire offseason. The way some are carrying on they may never get over it. You could see a one and done coming weeks ago.
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    Sounds like a good time wish I was young enough to be able to do that again lol
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    still stings.
    we're close.
    not good enuff...but i think we're close.
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