Amari Cooper Trade Rumor

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Creeper, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. Jake

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    Mike Williams is already on Keenan Allen's other side: 76 catches, 1146 yards, 9 TDs.

    Cooper had fewer catches, fewer yards, fewer yards per catch, fewer TDs, is older, and cost $15 million more.
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  2. TequilaCowboy

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    Yep, Wilson will be 34 this year and is looking every bit of it now, has become injury prone just like Rayne Dakota, who will turn 29 in TC. Wow, not a spring chicken anymore.
  3. Loso86

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    Have you seen our oline. Besides that look at his play man but hey sire let's bring him in
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  4. Killerinstinct

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    Williams is a F.A. and who knows what Coopers stats would look like there?
  5. Loso86

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    Exactly bro. Some fans see the Last name on the back of jerseys and think about the past lol. Not everybody I a Brady or Rodgers
  6. Tussinman

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    New England sounds good. Young franchise QB who needs weapons and team has good cap space

    Same situation with Miami. Good cap space and the front office wants weapons for Tua

    Chargers have Allen and if they wanted another could just resign Williams which would allow them to keep there picks (no trade)
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  7. 32BellyOption

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    We don’t use Cooper anyways so why keep him around at that huge cap number? And perhaps Gallup is affordable now coming off an injury.
  8. fivetwos

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    Looks to me like you can designate two per year as June 1 cuts without waiting until then.

    I think they've changed this several times in the cap era.
  9. visionary

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    Have you seen Dak play lately?
  10. Brooksey

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    If we can steal a good draft pick and free up 20 million in cap do it.
    He's gone anyway, him and Lawrence both. We need the money

    I hate to lose Amari
  11. Loso86

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    Sure have but I would not take RW at this point. 2 years ago yes now its about the same honestly
  12. Shane612

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    Who'd want a part-time player with his contract.
  13. Aviano90

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    He’d be a 2k receiver.
  14. DasTex

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    Pats and Chargers might be a good target for a trade. Late 1st could be target - they are in win now mode with a rookie contract for QB.
    Cap space
    Need for a legit WR for Mac and a replacement for Williams in LA

    Would save about $15 million on cap if it's just for draft picks

    Restructure of Dak/Smith/Martin/Collins puts you at $22 million in space including a trade of Cooper.
  15. Sydla

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    Yes you can designate two as June 1 cuts BEFORE June 1.

    But you can't use the cap savings until that date. The benefit of designated someone a June 1 cut before June 1 is that it allows you to spread the cap charge over two years but it also allows you to avoid paying more bonuses, etc.

    To put numbers on this. Let's say the Cowboys want to cut Player A. When they cut him, they have to eat $20 million in cap charges. If they cut him before June 1, they advance the $20 million against this cap. If they cut him after June 1, they can split the $20 million between 2022 and 2023.

    However Player A has a $4 million roster bonus due the 10th day of the league year (let's say that date is Feb 27th). If the Cowboys cut him Feb 26th and designate him a June 1 cut, they only have to take $20 million in cap hits. But if they wait until actually June 1 to cut him, their cap charges are now $24 million.
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  16. Adiba1977

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    He won’t be back. Either cut or traded. No sure why trade for him when can just wait till cut and sign lower contract.
  17. pupulehaole

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    Turn your Xbox off plz
  18. JustChip

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    “After the Dallas Cowboys’ wild playoff exit to the Las Vegas Raiders (sic), trade rumors surrounding Amari Cooper have started heating up,” says Bruton. “Those close to the team have suggested he’ll be on the move this offseason."

    Not sure how much credence to put into a sports writer that doesn’t know we lost to San Fran, not Las Vegas.
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  19. BobSacamano

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    Don’t believe in Xbox. Always have.
  20. DFWJC

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    I saw you post something like that in another thread.

    You do realize that before Wilson screwed up his passing hand he was leading the league in pretty much everything?
    • An insane 10 to 1 TD to Int ratio....and
    • a league-leading passer rating of about 120-125 or so
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