Video: Andy Dalton expects to compete to be the Cowboys’ starter if Dak Prescott holds out

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Redball Express, Jun 1, 2020.

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    What a shock! Criticizing the Dallas FO...innovative reporting!
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Kind of a stupid argument.

    If Dak holds out, I sure as heck expect Dalton to compete for the starters job.

    I mean, who's his competition??? Clayton Thorson or Ben DiNucci?
  4. Redline360

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    We really need one super thread for Dak contract related posts....
  5. PhillyCowboysFan

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    Exactly, who the hell else is going to start. Just a stupid Headline.
  6. dallasdave

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    Yeah, is the kicker in the running for starter ???:lmao::lmao::lmao:
  7. GimmeTheBall!

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    You calling out the Mods?
    You think they have not thought of this before, harbor stdward?
    You sway in and want changes?
    Changes? We don't need no stupid changes!
  8. GimmeTheBall!

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    Dak, you should really be nervous.
    More nervous than a mod with unruly forumites.
    Dalton is champing at the bit to star for the most glamorous team in the universe.
    With Amari and CeeDee and gallop and a hungry Jarwin?
    Be afraid, Dak, you average joe. Take what comes and be grateful.
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  9. StarBoyz83

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    Dak threads need to be banned until at least July 7th unless he signs.
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  10. plasticman

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    Perhaps Dak's contract should even have it's own forum.......the Daktract Zone.....yeah.....bad........Goodnight.
  11. cern

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    If dak holds out, dalton being the starter should be a no brainer.
  12. gjkoeppen

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    This is nothing more than those that think there's some secret plan that the Cowboys signed Dalton to be the starter because these same people think that Prescott who said he wouldn't report if tagged. That was nothing more than gamesmanship in negotiating his new contract. Nobody that has any clue about how things work in the NFL thinks that Prescott, if a new contract isn't done by July 15th, won't sign his tag offer and report. Everybody that has a clue knows, just like Prescott, that if he holds out and doesn't report that he'll lose money that he'll never be able to recoup. He also knows that with the new CBA fines can no longer be forgiven and are now assessed by the league and not the teams so they will get their money eventually whenever Prescott signs a contract where ever that place is. Also Prescott knows that if he holds out, his endorsements will drop him like Bell's did when he sat out and Prescott won't have that income stream coming in.either. Basically it's only those that don't want Prescott that keep pushing Dalton stories. To show how ridiculous this story is. Dalton was signed as the backup QB so if Prescott was not there every idiot knows that then the backup QB is likely to compete for the starting job. Again the problem with this story is thinking there really is a chance Prescott won't be there.
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  13. gjkoeppen

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    Actually Prescott has until July 15th to sign a long term contract, but I agree the admin should step in if no long term contract is signed and ban Prescott threads until either Prescott signs the tag offer or training camp starts and Prescott doesn't report. Everything that could possibly been said about this issue has been said countless times.
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  14. StarBoyz83

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    That's what I mean. When theres a week left then we can have a thread again. I know offseasons suck and the only thing to look forward to is the draft and the draft is unwatchedable but geez. Enough with dak already.
  15. black label

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    dotncare who starts lol
  16. Bullflop

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    Whether Dak holds out or not, he's sure to know Andy will be right there waiting for his chance.

    He's just what was required to give the Cowboys someone to negate the threat of any holdout.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2020
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  17. gjkoeppen

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    I don't want them to start before there's an actual answer to things or all we'll have for a week is the same garbage we've had so far. Sop far all there is, is speculations and we've had enough of that to last 10 off seasons.
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  18. Aviano90

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    If Dak holds out I will start looking forward to the 2021 draft.
  19. Swagger

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    Go on Andy
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  20. dwreck27

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    And in other news WATER IS WET

    Thanks OP

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