Another year we get to watch from the sofa

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Praxit, Nov 5, 2020.

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    If there is any pattern, over the past decade, we've rebounded after disasterous seasons.

    went 6-10 in 2010, ended up winning the division the next year

    went 4-12 in 2015, ended up 13-3 and the #1 seed in the NFC.
  2. Silly

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    This season is gone. I will still watch the cowboy's games. However, I will be watching a couple of other teams first.
  3. Jipper

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    you and I both know he will never sell and that this is the golden goose for his family....but we can hope his son cares more about winning than he
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  4. Brax

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    the more things change the more they stay the same, thanks Jerry for fielding another team just one player away................
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  5. daboyzruleperiod

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    How do you think Egals fans feel? The same coaching staff that won a recent Superbowl & a starting quarterback who went completely south after his big pay day.

    Wentzie should in no way be a starter. All that money down the drain. WOW!
  6. OmerV

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    This season is going bad? Really? Thank God for yet another thread to tell us that, otherwise how would we know?
  7. Future

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    Yes they were, and they would have been without the injuries.
  8. dckid

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    Yeah this team will never win another Super Bowl, unless a player like Mahomes falls in our laps.
    I can at least remember 89-91 then 92-93&94,95. 1-15 to SB champs. Innovation, going for it on 4th down, passing out of the endzone, speed on defense, rotating on defense, stressing turnovers, discipline, toughness.
    Please tell me do any of those things even show up for this team anymore?
    In the 92 championship game, after SF cut the lead to 24-20, Jimmy said the hell with running the ball, go for the win.. mind you this was after they were up 24-13 on the SF 10 yard line and could not convert a 4&1, SF came back and scored a TD. All the momentum was in SF's favor.
    Aikman to Harper on the slant, and the rest is history. If any coach had the guts to run that play today in 2020 in the same situation, the NFL media & announcers would lose their mind.
    Please give Jimmy the respect he deserves. The greatest coach for a 5 year span EVER. There is no question, no one was better in transforming a bunch of losers to the ultimate champion.
  9. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Loved watching Benny Hill late Sunday night before bed getting ready for Monday morning high school. You remember the old man that played on there with him, he looked in his 80's then. LOL
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  10. LACowboysFan1

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    One player? As John McEnroe used to say "You cannot be serious".

    Never ceases to amaze the ways people here can squeeze in another "Dak sucks" post..

  11. LACowboysFan1

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    He didn't so much transform a bunch of losers as he got rid of a bunch of losers. Adding 8 draft picks and 4 players would help any poor team...
  12. Brax

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    Posted In jest, to Jerry they are always one player away, get real the team flat out sucks.
  13. TheSkaven

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    No, each one of the Dave Campo years was worse. But I’m not going to lie, this one is pretty bad.

    I guess what hurts this year is that many of us really thought we had a legitimate shot. And, of course the injuries will give everyone, especially the Jones, false hope that this same roster can be successful next year, when in fact what needs to happen here is a complete blowup of the roster.

    Another thing that worries me is Jerry’s age. If he was twenty years younger, there’s no way he caves in to Zeke. But he has talked often about his mortality and any season could be his last - so he’s always all-in every year when what we need to do is start over.
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  14. Brax

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    Just curious how is Dak ever enter the post in your mind?
  15. LACowboysFan1

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    "One player away" And what's the most important player on any NFL team? And what one player do people complain about here more than any other?

    Just because somebody doesn't mention a player by name doesn't mean who they are talking about isn't as plain as the nose on your face. I'm not that dumb, and neither are you...
  16. Brax

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    Had zero to do with Dak, if you follow the cowboys the last 25 years Jerry is always saying the team is 1 or 2 players away, you must have Dak syndrome, believe it or not every post is not about Dak, it has almost become a paranoid obsession with Dak fans. You need to read the post in context.
  17. Jake

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    Yeah, that's happened to me. I used to be excited about the games. Now it's just out of habit and curiosity - there are no longer expectations of competing for a championship.

    I used to go to a game every year - no small feat from Ohio - but that stopped in 2012. Can't remember the last time I purchased any sort of Cowboys merchandise.

    Jerry has turned the Cowboys into a joke. Had I not grown up a fan of the team this board would be the funniest place on the internet, full of false hopes and failing to see the forest for the trees.
  18. conner01

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    And the draft will be much more interesting this year
    There is always a silver lining lol
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  19. ryanbabs

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    Yep, remember that show well.
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  20. garyo1954

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    Don't let it bother you, we have a lot of mind readers and psychics here.......until lottery day.
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