Antonio Brown - Should Dallas Sign Antonio Brown?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Ranched, Jan 7, 2022.

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    The defensive attention that AB would garner alone would allow CD and Amari to be even more open. Look at the bucs last season, they had evans Godwin gronk and AB. You can deny one of them, even two but not all
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    :hammer:Preach it Elvis!
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    Since when is 22 receiving yards considered dominate? That is how many yards Brown had in the Superbowl. He had 81 receiving yards total in the playoffs last year.

    He won't be helping any team if he is truly injured as he claims. If he does play again in the next few weeks, then that really brings into question his stance that he has a severe ankle injury.
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    Chemistry matters. You know this. He was a great player in his career. He is not currently a great player. He is still a good player, but not what he once was.
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    AB has a hurt ankle so not really ready to play for anyone this playoffs. He is looking to next year.
    The problem was BA did not like him did not want him, and fired him during the game.
    AB is a goof ball, but BA is a moron who rode toms coat tails to a SB win.

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