Anyone feel bullied at times for having different opinions on the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Typhus, Jun 28, 2020.

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    I admit that I get firm in an opinion at times, and probably come across as such, an opinionated *** at, but one thing still will always remain the same for nearly all posters in this forum is that regardless how polarizing opinions may be, the bottom line is that we are all Cowboys fans or we wouldn't be wasting our time here, hum... which brings me to my next point... never do crack... sorry couldn't resist,, favorite line from "The Waterboy".
    So anyway, I would like to publicly apologize to anyone that I might have offended and that I always invite open subjective discussion...
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  2. noshame

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    I have pissed off everybody on this board. But really, if you compare this board to the '90s Dallas Morning News board it is a cupcake. You put any bunch of passionate fans together and you'll have conflict, but we have to learn to state our opinion and move on.
  3. black label

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    Dakhards usually start the name calling
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  4. Tangle_Foot

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    We're never going to be on the same page, we're rarely going to read the same book, but you don't go soft and apologize:laugh:

    But seriously, a good example as to what should be done when one feels the debate has escalated a bit farther than it should have:thumbup:
  5. 1972COWBOY

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    I will be bullied on this board until Dak stops throwing wobbly balls under, behind, and over the receivers.
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  6. Whyjerry

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    Bullied? People need to toughen up and defend themselves. Bully the bullies.
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  7. rocyaice

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    Oh some fans of other teams waste their time here. Some people get a enjoyment out of riling up Cowboy fans.
  8. America's Cowboy

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    Be quiet Troll. :p:muttley:
  9. JW82

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    Oh shutup Jerk...ok now I see it..
  10. Whyjerry

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    I not sure what a Dakhard is. I like Dak. Not sure I qualify for Dakhard status though. I never start the name calling. I like the confrontation when it happens though. Arguing on an Internet forum is pretty lame to be honest yet it is what happens.
  11. Fastpitch Dad

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    If you feel bullied by an internet message board, it's probably better you find a safe space on the web.

    I bet the men and women of the great generation are rolling over in their graves over such a thing.
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  12. Cwby41

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    First off good post OP, how the hell did we turn this into a statue debate. My feelings on that issue are going to be shared by some and not by others. This isnt the place for it.
    Getting back to topic I think sometimes we have to realise that when posting here we could be talking to anyone from the age of 17 to 90. Just that alone brings a wide array of how we speak to each other. Than you have those who what I call tough guy keyboarders. They are not used to or are afraid of confrontation in real life but using a key board can say what they want much easier. We are all never gonna agree on anything as a huge group, look here we are all fans of the same team and most times cant be respectful to each other. Part of the reason this whole world is falling apart.
    Key word here is respect and most people care only of themselves and have no respect for others
  13. ghst187

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    When I was growing up, I got bullied by some older guys twice my size who knew where I lived, could reach out and punch me...
    On a message board by people I don’t know, can’t see, and can’t find
  14. Runwildboys

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    To be clear, the OP wasn't saying he feels bullied. He's apologizing for some of his own reactions.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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  16. Section446

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    Nope, it's a forum.
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  17. CowboyRoy

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    I have never felt bullied. I appreciate a strong opinion as long as it makes sense and can be backed up.

    But there are definitely a bunch of trolls on here that there is NO way they are Cowboys fans.
  18. plasticman

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    Words flying through cyberspace have no physical impact on me so I really dont understand the concept of internet bullying in my case.

    I can see how some kids can feel bullied if they value acceptance among a certain group where infuential memebers go out of their way to reject him. Kids can be mean to each other.
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  19. Mountaineerfan

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    I've never felt bullied Nancy boy, why do you ask? JOKING, JOKING If you are a cowboys fan anywhere besides Dallas you always get bullied a little.
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  20. 75boyz

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    I think many members with long tenure/post counts receive favoritism regardless of the numerous warnings on personal attacks not being allowed.

    Human nature at the administrative level may influence opinion on leniency with regards to whether they should ban/bench, warn or reprimand a member if that member has firmly established roots per se. Most likely if the behavior has gone on for any length of time and been allowed to continue then the bullying practice has not only become tolerated but accepted as "Oh that's just how (insert said member) is."

    But yes, daily personal attacks exist here whether inferred, implied, subtle, overt, blatant or over the top.

    And it shouldnt be allowed.
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