Anyone study tape that can say what’s happened to the offense?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by droopdog7, Dec 4, 2021.

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    It’s beyond clear that the offense is not what it was several weeks ago. What I’m wondering is, are we (or other teams) doing anything differently?

    My initial instinct was that teams were taking away the big play and daring us to dink and dunk. Indeed, I saw more check downs last week than I’ve seen in a long while. But it also seems clear that the separation isn’t the same. Just about every pass is contested.

    Or maybe it’s Dak that needs to pick his game up. We seen him miss throws, but that sort of thing happens. What I’m trying to say is that contested throws seem like a QB thing as much as a receiver thing. I say this because when I watch really terrible QB’s, they very often throw to contested guys. In others words, they’re making the wrong decisions.

    And of course, the running game has also suffered. Is that the key? Are teams stopping the run without stacking the box (leaving more guys in coverage)? I don’t know, but many seemed to scoff at the idea that the broncos found the formula. But it’s seems more plausible that this is indeed what happened,
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    Is there a website that I can go back and watch the games?
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    Cooper injury if you go back to the saints game and watch the plays that Cooper is in there the offense is completely different
    Lamb injury
    Dak has less time in the pocket
    putrid running game
    Smith injury
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    As far as the OPs topic goes. I just don't know. A bit of everything I suppose. Dak is a fraction of his former self at the beginning of the season. Same with Zeke. The O line has basically collapsed, maybe they need to go back to the initial formation with Steele at RT.

    It's not easy to understand whether Kellen Moore has changed anything apart from partially giving up on the run game. But I mean it's what these guys do for a living, 24/7. So how can any of us have a better insight on what's really going on than the coaches and coordinators? Everything discussed here on the boards is just an outside view and apart from analyzing stats completely useless. Still fun though. :D
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    LOL LOL .....are you crazy???? This the way in hell you getting that w/o $$$$. I imagine U tube will give you a few highlights but a full game??????? Hell
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    it’s the offensive line it’s caused dak to revert back to 2017 because he doesn’t trust the protection and his coaches hate him running out of the pocket.

    Look at his Air yards per attempt the past 3 games compared to the first 6.

    *this is my hypothesis based on the evidence of the “eye test”:omg:
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    Opponents are stacking the box, our run blocking is horrible so we abandon the run early on and just pass. Easier to defend a one dimensional team.

    Also, since Dak hurt his calf he won't run so one less thing for the defense to worry about.
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    I like "air yards" as a measure of a qb.
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    Our "run blocking" is horrible because Kellen only dials up ONE play over and over...then complains about the the run game won't work we better pass here on out. I hate it!
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    Edit: Oops, CATCH17 was faster.
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    Its playcalling combined with everything else

    some of these plays dont need to be ran ever again

    Dak needs to stop backpeddling and step up in the pocket. and when he isnt backpeddling hes just standing there

    he also needs to run for the 1st down thats right there instead of throwing it.

    Hes rushing his throws possibly because of the oline

    The Oline itself isnt a strength right now and Moore keeps calling long developing plays

    the run blocking is abysmal...we can Talk about Elliott all we want, A rbs production is 85% offensive line and the other 15% is when you get past the line of scrimmage

    the line doesnt block well enough for Pollard or Elliott to get past the line of scrimmage

    on that Pollard TD against the Saints that was one of the rare times it was mostly Pollard because there was a defender right there who played it perfectly
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    Yep ....see post #13
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    the OL and Moore happened..both hit wall and cant get it together..
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    Dak led the league in 2018 in tight window throws and this year is no different. WR separation is poor right now. I think Wilson leads the team in separation. Our top three receivers aren’t even in the top 30. Dak hasn’t been perfect for sure but some of the passes he threw Thursday night were phenomenal.
  17. CowboysFaninHouston

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    continuity on multiple levels.

    the OL play suffered, specially run blocking. more than any other unit on a football team the OL work together as a group and too many changes on the line, some of it self inflicted (i.e. we lose smith, get collins back and then we move collins to the right, steele to the left so 2/5 of OL has to adjust instead of just 1, which also impacts the guards that play next to them).

    Dak is injured, I watched various games and since his calf injury, he is not right. one thing that he is pretty good, accurate from the pocket, he is struggling a lot when he is on the move...

    Zeke is hurt.

    WRs have been in an out....our offense depends greatly on 3 WR sets and creating mismatches. Brown is the 5th WR and he sucks and he has had to play major minutes. Wilson was decent in the 3rd WR role, dangerous enough to warrant attention and he got hurt too. that throws off the timing and pattern of play calling significantly.

    there is more tape on Moore.....last year really couldn't be counted since we had Dalton (ugh)....but teams now have tape, and Bilicheck kind of figured out his offense a bit, despite the results.....we are a finesse offense despite the OL size and all the talk....and defenses that play us physical tend to have more success. earlier in the year, prior to calf injury it was take your poison, which is what Bilicheck did, took the running game away and he relied on his secondary, but our passing game was too good. after the injury, our passing game is not as good. its not an excuse for Dak, he needs to be better, but the passing performance difference between the first 6 games and last few is significant.

    Moore needs to adjust his game planning and game calling. defenses are adjusting to him, he needs to move the game plan and adjust his play calling. he doesn't have the same personnel to execute his offense and he is having a bit of trouble adjusting. Dak needs to get over his calf injury (combination of calf, ankle is obviously impacting him).

    Dak needs to play better....he and Moore need to get on the same page.

    We need to get healthy. it may take a couple of games for everyone to adjust.....there were good moments against saints, but not consistent enough. the offense needs to be more patient.
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    has anyone else notice when Dak is in shotgun how close he is to the center? its seems like hes maybe in entire yard closer than most other QB's in the shotgun
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    its mostly the oline,they were good at run blocking early on in the season but now they cant do that either.
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    Crappy overpaid QB

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