Anyone study tape that can say what’s happened to the offense?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by droopdog7, Dec 4, 2021.

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    I don't want to over simplify things, but you can start and stop with the o-line.

    If you take Catch17's link and actually rewatch the game there is a massive hint and suggestion on what ails the Cowboys, and it doesn't come from the "Cowboys themselves, but the opponent.

    In the game the Saints lost their 3rd center and had to start their 4th center for the year.

    OK, so think a bit on that. This guy was not good enough to be slated to be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the depth chart for center. He's 4th. This was also a team that was missing their (2) starting tackles.

    The real reason why you are watching games and can't get an answer on why the offence is so bad, is:

    1. The o-line even with everyone in there is not the best o-line in the league. It's far from it even at full strength.
    2. The o-line is not at full strength now. So an average to less than average line is made worse by injuries.
    3. The line has been drafted to be dominant physically, and they are not.
    4. The WRs and OC has developed their talents, skills and play calling to work off the success of the o-line.
    5. The QB is a bit of a gunslinger now, and is constantly looking for his world class receivers down the field.
    6. The team has not developed what I would call a "small ball" game to help the QB and the o-line in times like these.
    7. Dak isn't running anymore.
    8. Where is the WR or slot receiver who can wins the pattern in less than 1 second? Where is the team's Cole Beasley, Danny Amendola, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman. Guys who could be open in three steps or less.

    Take a good look at the games. Cooper, Lamb and Gallup can't win a pattern in a second to a second and a half.

    So sucky o-line, OC who is more stretch offence, WRs who are not small ball specialists and banged up RB gives you the loss situation we have been in. If the o-line starts to suck way less, watch this offence take off.

    But the Cowboys need to be careful here. In post season and travelling to cold weather climes for the playoffs there is a reason why New England built it's offence the way they did. It wasn't to win games in the fall down south. It was to win games in the winter in the north. That type of offence moves the ball safely and beats man coverage all the time. They smile at man coverage.
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    For me it's been consistency, health, scheme and execution.

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    The real answer, from someone that actually understands football and scheme.

    1. Zeke. This team goes as Zeke goes. He is critical in their pass pro and what he does in churning out the hidden yards, it can't be replaced by Pollard at this point.

    2. Dak isn't healthy. From the film I've watched Dak reinjured that calf during the Chiefs game. If you watch the film now. He is throwing off his back foot frequently and is apprehensive of contact. From what I'm seeing he's playing hurt and if you understand mechanics of throwing a football. You can see the inconsistency in his platform.

    3. Saint game. The two things above combined with remote meetings and practice. Missing several members of the coaching staff made this a very impressive win. To me.
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    good Dak said he was constantly looking for the big play.maybe he should be looking for plays which will move the sticks .
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    Ah, to be 60 again!
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    It's easy to answer we need Dak to tuck and run enough to keep the defense honest, and if I had to guess he has been put on a leash to not run to keep himself and the team in contention come the end of the season. We are currently playing like the knight in Monty Python without all his limbs all the while denying his vulnerability.
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    Lol Perspective - yes perspective.
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    I am to please the purists.
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    The Cream always rises to the top.....
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    1. Injuries to key players
    2. OL struggles
    3. Dak not following his fundamentals like setting the feet properly and stepping up
    4. Above causing run game to be ineffective and forcing KM to go away from it putting more pressure on Dak
    5. Defensive injuries allowing opponents to score putting more pressure in offense
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    Dak sucks is what happened to our offense. Why is that so hard to figure out for some of you?
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    But how does Dak sucks translate to such low running average yards right from the start of the game?
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    Saints play pretty much exclusively cover 2. The Saints are a great run stoping defense, probably the best in the league. They didn’t need to be bring extra rushers in the box.

    Dak doesn’t challenge zones, outside prevent and hurry-up, close to end the half when defenses are conceding the underneath to burn time off the clock.

    This is not something new, it goes back for Dak since the beginning of his career.
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    So based on your second and third points, it’s the offensive line.
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    How about not have the offensive line coaches in this game and not having Cooper and Lamb in the other games and Zeke is injured. They still are better than most of the league no matter what.
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    People keep blaming the OL, while the Saints had injuries and so does every team in the league. Dak doesn’t have the ELITE blocking he once had, and now Dak-stans are crying about it.

    They are basically conceding that Dak was made by premiere blocking. Of course when the Cowboys win, the Dak-stans downplay the role of the OL and its dominance up front.
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    Yep, and Dak still averages 300 yards when he plays badly.
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    Yeah, yardage in hurry up or garbage time when defenses are conceding everything underneath to burn time off the clock is so amazing and a sign of elite QB play…
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    Moore has become Garrett after a good start this year. 23 runs last week (I'm not counting CDs screen), 20 between the tackles.
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