Anyone study tape that can say what’s happened to the offense?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by droopdog7, Dec 4, 2021.

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    They still make some amazing plays in every game no matter what. Plays like the Gallup td and catch on the sideline, some Lamb plays, the Pollard td run.
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    Yeah, we have great individual skill players that compensate for Dak’s over-rated QB play.

    This is Dak, 2019 struggles against the Bears, where he’s padding his stats in garbage time. It’s the EXACT horrible, off the back-foot while drifting from the line throw, that gets you in trouble more often than not..

    And BTW, look at how Zeke stone-walled the blitz….

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    You and me both brother.
  4. TheHerd

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    He'salso apprehensive running. There are a few plays each game where he escapes the pocket cleanly to the outside and could tuck it and go for 5-10, but he just won't do it.
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    You talk about Dak being overrated then post a play where he throws an absolutely amazing pass. Zeke is a beast picking up blitzers, no one can doubt that no matter how injured he is.
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    And the dregs to the bottom.
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    Teams watch Denver load the box and take away the run and short pass. Also playing man to man coverage with one safety high while blitzing Dak and he struggles to read where the blitz is coming from.
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    3-4 times i thought i saw an opportunity to slide for an easy first or gain and he chose to throw it in a tight window
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    Dak's footwork since Calf injury, Specially front foot
  10. Ken

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    Clearly missed the post right above yours lol
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    I dont think you can run a cover 2 shell and still load the box though. Both safeties back and cbs on wr doesn't leave enough numbers to stack the box. They took away anything long and played man (I guess.) Then when the opposition can't get enough push to open holes in the run game there are not many options.

    I think that is a lot of what we saw, but I'd differ to @xwalker or someone that watches the all 22. I'm no Xs and Os guy. Fortunately we have some good people here to set me straight.
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    Dak is injured but that's not why the Cowboys have lost a few. The losses are Dak's fault.
  13. Beast_from_East

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    Oline is horrendous at run blocking, they literally are getting whipped at the point of attack by almost every team. So when you cant run the ball, you are forced to pass. So what defenses are doing is playing tight man coverage and blitzing from many different angles trying to confuse the protection calls and rush Dak into making a quick throw.

    How do you beat this? Well, you have to use more of a west coast offense where short passes replace your running game. Problem is that our WRs are not really west coast type of WRs, they are more down field route runners. Problem with that is QB needs time for WRs to get downfield, that is why teams are blitzing to force a quick pass from Dak.

    Team also botched the line when Tyron went down. Steele is not a LT, Collins was not anywhere near game shape ready when he got back off suspension, and both of the Connors suck if we are being honest. So its a patch work oline right now.

    Zeke is also hobbling on one leg right now so that is hindering the running game as well.
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    Dont forget lael back and the steele move.
  15. BAT

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    It all starts in the trenches then trickles down to skill positions.

    Coaches F'ed around too much and ruined continuity AND chemistry.

    Injuries too.

    At every position group.
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    Garbage stat.. It’s defined as 1 yard separation and throws that are short would grossly exaggerate stats, because that separation is more than enough.
    This my phrase, “more often than not” and in garbage time, meaning when the QB, in this game, is already all over the place with his horrible mechanics, including the very ‘technique’ we referred to, allowing the Bears to effectively end the game by the time this throw was made and when he got outplayed by Mitch Trubisky…

    This was also the same stretch of 2018 which was marred with bad mechanics of this type and which is happening in this stretch of his bad play..
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    There were points in the game last week where it sure seemed like New Orleans was run blitzing right before the snap. Sure enough, Dallas ran up the middle and there was nowhere to run.

    You know how Romo frequently calls the play before the snap? There was a rumor with Garrett some time ago that the Cowboys had very few plays out of each formation and as a result, if you studied them enough you knew the play before the snap.

    I kind of wonder if the issue is as simple as defenses know what the play is. As others have stated, it sure seems like defenders are at the point of attack before the attack happens frequently, be it a pass or run.

    I agree with everyone saying the line is playing poorly, Dak is playing worse, runners have no room, etc. I'm just wondering if there is a fundamental reason for all of it.
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    First off, New Orleans has a very tough defense. They are capable of throwing goose eggs at any offense that they come across. They are very stout against the run...and before developments return to Dallas again dominating at forcing the run and expanding all other areas of their offense, the offensive line has to progress, and not just in theory as in the present.
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    I think CD is a great WC type player. He's the kind of dude that can kill with yac.
  20. CWR

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    It's obvious Steele back to RT and LC at guard. I think we improve quickly if that happens. We need to reach a point where they quit tinkering so damn much.
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