Anyone study tape that can say what’s happened to the offense?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by droopdog7, Dec 4, 2021.

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    QB1 needs a comfy pocket, QB1 needs better wideout matchups and separation on routes.

    However, beyond injuries, Kellen Moore needs to step it up.

    Can't believe we are still calling
    that play-action roll out to the blind side, pass to schultz, everyone knows it's coming, great
    play-design maybe 3 times a season, but every game lol?

    Can someone pull up our stats on 4th & 1 this season? We aren't good on short yardage, hence,
    we should punt every time.
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    Strength of the players overall
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    How ridiculous statement actually is.
  4. Whirlwin

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    I totally believe it’s the overall strength of our players. We seem to be getting pushed around other than Martin and left tackle
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    The team hasn’t practiced together in over a month (Dak got hurt, Tyron got hurt, CeeDee got a concussion, Gallup got hurt, Amari got covid, Zeke is playing hurt) and we just went through that brutal stretch where we play like 8 games in 4 days [sarcasm]. Also, the more film a team has on your offense - the more they’ll be prepared for you. They have 5 games to get ready for the playoffs - they’ll be fine.
  6. SteveTheCowboy

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    If by "tape" do you mean "youtube"?
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    We got no push in the middle and the Saints just clogged up every run and we kept running it up the gut anyway. The play calling was very poor and Dak wasn't great and Zeke looked a little slow due to injury. But the Saints have a good defense and they get paid to play too. We did enough to win on the road
  8. SteveTheCowboy

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    No....we don't have 5 games to "get ready for playoffs".

    We have 5 brutal divisional games to APPEAR in the playoffs. You don't get warmed play these last games as if they ARE the playoffs. Because they kinda are. And you have to already be tuned and ready.
  9. SteveTheCowboy

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    And we never adjusted. No play action, no screen, no misdirection. Just kept running the same dam play every time. Maddening!
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    My point is everyone is back and can practice together to get ready for the playoffs - I wouldn’t call the WFT x2, Eagles, and Giants brutal they are all below average teams and those 3 teams could combine and make an ‘all star’ team and we’d still beat them. The cowboys are significantly better than all 3.
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    We had a ton of injuries to key players at key positions on both sides of the ball when this team gets healthy they will return to form

    Next man up thing is a myth and not very realistic ! losing - cooper , Ceedee , Lawrence , Gregory , Smith ETC no next man up is gonna solve those issues

    Teams stacked against Zeke and Pollard

    Injuries it really is just that simple

    No need to overthink it
  12. Jarntt

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    I felt like maybe it was to set up the flea flicker which obviously didn't work. It was bizarre to keep running inside the tackles over and over when there were just no holes at all. We did run the WR sweeps a couple of times also, which I think was an attempt to misdirect after running up the middle so much. Moore hasn't been great lately IMO.
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    Zeke is injured and should be rested until he heals. He's just hurting the team by playing injured. Dak is not 100% either but he is making enough good plays to be our starter. The refs let us play without their interference for the most part. Different crew officiated differently. When Amari Cooper is limited it hurts this team's passing game despite having CeeDee and Gallup available. Just be happy we managed to keep Simi off the field.
  14. CowboyRoy

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    VERY VERY simple. In order of importance.

    1. Oline has been playing terrible. The loss of Tyron Smith about 5 weeks ago caused a domino affect that has really affected it. Steele was playing great at RT, but when Smith went out he had to be moved over there and played bad. Collins came back and has played bad at RT. And then Mcgovern came in for Williams and has played worse than Williams. So 3 spots went to bad. Even with the return of Smith, Steele was out and McGovern still in for Williams.

    2. Zeke is banged up and refuses to sit. Teams have also figured out they just need to flood the middle and Zeke cant bounce it outside.

    Both of those equals no run game. Team is one dimensional

    3. Passing game players like Lamb and Cooper, Jarwin out with injuries. Lack of continuity in the passing game.

    4. Moore seems to refuse to force Zeke to sit or refuses to simply give the load to Pollard when its obvious he is the better back at this time. Needs to just go spread hurry up in the passing game at times.

    5. Defensive injuries have caused the defense in certain games to give up big leads early which has contributed to a one dimensional offense.

    Basically a little it of everything. And that is not even mentioning Dak being a little banged up.
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    And that's on the coaches but at some point you would think Mr Prescott would say f this I got some ideas.
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    This. It's a combination of a lot of variables with all offensive positions and OC. Timing with the Oline is off. Dak is not right (feet are not set, throwing off balance) and looks confused. RB is hurt and again timing off with the pulling Oline blocks or lack thereof. WR corp drops and lazy routes. Good thing is this can be fixed with healing and getting the right combination on the OL.
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    Starts and ends with the combination of the OL play and coaching. OL is struggling bad, can't run block, and KM has gone back to his old play calling ways.

    Then we have....
    Zeke who is banged up
    Dak is afraid to step up and run for first downs and still looks hurt
    Recievers like to get the drops in big moments

    Pollard has been the only bright side for weeks and he even got shutdown last week until that run.

    This team lives or dies through the running game. Everyone knows this. Offense steamrolls when the running game is going and struggles immensely when it doesn't.
  18. DandyDon52

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    its obvious to us, but the powers that be just dont see it the same way. I think jerry wants lael at LT. if so thats the end of that discussion .
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    I think OL play is the key. Cowboys have not been opening holes for a consistent run game or giving the protection they gave earlier in the season. The guys up front just need to step up and do a better job than they have
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    I agree, but have to believe they see the end result and know a change is necessary to save our season.

    JJ is so polar in that early in his tenure he lacked patience and pulled the trigger prematurely. Now he waits too long to make obvious moves. I would hope this is a coaching move alone, but keeping LC at tackle feels likes a financial decision or preparation for the future, when Tyron Smith is no longer able to suit up.

    Obviously pure speculation on my part, but I'm hoping the coaches find the right line up and management isn't an obstacle in that.
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