News: Archer: Travis Frederick's retirement shouldn't change Cowboys' draft strategy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Mar 25, 2020.

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    In some ways, the Cowboys prepared for the potential of Frederick not returning to form when they selected Connor McGovern in the third round of the 2019 draft. The Cowboys did not need an interior offensive lineman, but they got a player they had a second-round grade on with the 90th overall pick.

    McGovern started 13 games at center as a sophomore at Penn State but also played guard. A partially torn pectoral muscle suffered during the organized team activities and then aggravated later in the training camp left McGovern on injured reserve as a rookie during the 2019 season. Though McGovern did not play, it doesn't mean he wasn't learning from Frederick.
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    I agree. I mean you expect a 3rd round pick to develop into a starter anyway. It doesn’t mean McGovern won’t be a bust. But it’s not unreasonable to think that he could become the long term starter either.

    The cowboys can and should draft an OL maybe in the 3rd, 4th round range again IF they are the best player available.

    but they most certainly do NOT need to force a pick at OL given they already have a talented young prospect who can potentially fill the spot.
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    I don’t get it, what’s wrong with Looney for the next couple of years? We went to the playoffs with him starting at center and he filled in rather admirably.

    Am I missing something? That’s a rhetorical question, no smart !*# replies needed.
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    There aren't any other teams with 3 pro bowlers on the O line, not to mention having one player. I don't think we need to draft a Center right away.
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    Brian Braudus stated there was no first round center in this draft.
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    The Cowboys should evaluate having "steak" at every position on the OL...because that becomes very expensive. I agree that Looney played very well. Was he as good as Frederick? No! But was the drop off in performance worth the amount of money we were paying Frederick versus what we were paying Looney? No! We need to decide which positions on this OL need All Pro...and then settle for "Pro Bowl caliber" at others. When we were dominant in the 90s we had great OL...but not all 5 were the highest paid at their position. This strategy has not proven to be a winning strategy and it needs to be re-visited.

    At some point if my WR has to be paid top OL has to be paid top RB has to be paid top 3....and my QB has to be paid top 3....yet we STILL are not winning....then somebody is not earning their paycheck. So Dallas needs to decide to NOT pay someone top 3 money that is NOT a top 3 talent/performer!!!!!
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    Not a great draft for centers.
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    The more I thought about it, I agree it should not change their draft plans. Unless a C is the BPA.

    We were hit at the last minute with Fredericks GBS before the start of the season. Looney filled in decently. Frederick was not 100% last season. We have Looney, Redmond was given snaps in TC, and McGovern will be given his chance. So let's see what those 3 can do in competition in TC.

    We still have Collins and Martin, as he played injured last season. Smith, if he stays healthy, and with a new S&C coach, though he was Woicek's assistant maybe he does stay healthy, but a big maybe. Williams was playing better (though many on here will say otherwise) before he got injured.

    So C should not be a top priority as the defense still needs to be.
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    Already covered for this so don't waste a draft pick on a center!

    Looney can start again just fine and McGovern and Redmond are the backups.

    Done deal at center...moving on.
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    I like Biadasz, but don't think they'll draft one that high

    * I like Looney/ McG for this year
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    Looney is not good. He is a backup, a decent short term fill in, at best. Despite people praising him for not being a complete disaster, we were 31st in the NFL in sacks allowed, didn’t run the ball as well inside, and pressure was always coming up the middle.
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    You guys way overvalue Looney. He is NOT good. There’s a reason he wasn’t even the guard backup last year when we needed one. He’s a short term backup and wasn’t a total disaster, but we will struggle up the middle if he is the starter.
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    Looney is a backup for a reason. Or didnt you see how the line fell apart last time he started the whole year in place of Beard?

    Cmon, I guys saw it all with your own eyes for an entire year. How can you all sit here wondering what is wrong with Looney? LOL

    Cracks me up actually. WE SAW IT FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON!!!!!!!! Where were you two years ago when the Dak was sacked 56 times? Frederick comes back and Dak is only sacked 23 times. This isnt rocket science.
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    Its like Frederick never missed a season and Looney never started for him. LOL

    As if the whole 2018 where the line fell apart never happened for these guys.
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    Sturm didn't credit a sack against him in 2018. Now line callouts he is no Frederick.

    Was his 2nd highest rated offensive lineman behind Martin.

    In 494 snaps, Su’a-Filo allowed seven sacks – a very high number for a guard – and, combined with Connor Williams and Adam Redmond, Dallas left guards conceded 15.5 sacks, which must be some sort of NFL record for most allowed by a position that normally doesn’t concede many.

    The issue inside, in terms of play, was the LG spot.
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    Looney is a backup, I would prefer more of a longtime solution at Center.
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    McGovern could be a valuable member of the team going fwd... and proves the point why it is critical you build your team from the trenches out.
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    So you are saying trust an injury prone draft pick from last year. That's the Jerry Dumbo GM Jones way.

    I remember when he let Andre Gourde leave. How did that work out for the Cowboys and Cowboys OL? Until he drafted Travis Frederick, it was bad to horrible at the C position to for the Cowboys.

    The most important OL position is C. It is not OT or OG. That is why Jimmy Johnson, Bob Ackles, and John Wooten drafted Steve Winiewski and Mark Stepnoski, both were C/G that played 13 season and went to multiple Pro Bowls. No QB likes a pocket collapsing in his face. Sean Payton traded All Pro TE Jimmy Graham for a C to protect Drew Brees and block for his running game. Finally do you know why Tom Landry had 20 straight winning seasons with top 10 offenses? Dave Manders, John Fitzgerald, and Tom Rafferty Cowboy succession of centers from 1963-74, 1970-81, and 1976-89 respectively.

    You need to bring in a starting caliber C/G in free agency or the draft. You do not want to trust McGovern until he is proven trust worthy (available).
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    How do you know a rookie C is a starting caliber quality prospect? Frederick was projected by experts to be a day 2 pick and was too slow to be a 2nd level threat.
    The draft is a crapshoot for every position.

    I agree with you on the importance of the position, but the team was high on McG and viewed him the highest at pick 58 but went with need over BPA.

    So, maybe McGovern could be good, or completely suck. Same goes for any Center in the draft.

    Not too many starting centers hit the FA market, and when they do, they get paid like they are elite.
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    Doesn’t need to be first round
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