Are you excited for the 2014 season? If so, why?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lonestar94, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. CATCH17

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    I was even excited that year. I had faith in Parcells.

    I gave up on this team before last season and pretty much knew what to expect going into this season and sure enough the Cowboys followed the exact blueprint everyone laid out for them.

    They are predictable and boring at this point. I want hope. There is not a glimmer of it.

    No new coach, probably a worse roster full of injury prone players or guys that can't stay focused.

    Im sick of the whole group and im beyond ready for change.
  2. zrinkill

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    Who here predicted the Seahawks would destroy the Broncos and win the superbowl during last offseason?


    Anything can happen in the NFL.
  3. Section446

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    I'm dying for one of those right now. I'd gladly sacrifice a season or two for a real re-build. I'd be calling my ticket rep to upgrade my seats right away.
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  4. Idgit

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  5. Kristen82

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    I always get excited before every season. But then again I'm an airhead who gets excited if she looks in the fridge and sees that there's some Nutella left.

    Can't wait for the draft. It's like Xmas in May.
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  6. Section446

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    There's no way that you're happy with the mediocrity. We have nothing to gain from 8-8 seasons, absolutely nothing.
  7. 03EBZ06

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    Always excited about a new season, you just never know what will occur during the season.
  8. Idgit

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    Nutella in the fridge? Barbarian.
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  9. barney

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    Not really we will get slaughtered by pretty much everyone
  10. cml750

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    Same amount of excitement as before last season (ZERO). When we already know we will lose 2 - 4 games from terrible game / clock management due to having one of the worst head coaches in the league makes it real hard to get excited. The only thing I find the least bit exciting is that this should be Garrett's last year assuming Jerry isn't completely senile.
  11. SilverStarCowboy

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    Always looking forward to seeing the Rookies.
  12. Coy

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    I am not, maybe it's the timing and when July comes around I will be ready to go but I really think we take a step back next year, maybe 5 or 6 wins, I see our arrow pointing down, Romo (back surgery), Witten and Ware a year older, we'll lose our best Defensive player in 2013 (Hatcher), yes we probably won't have as many injuries on D but you can bet we will have some, especially with Lee and Mo. On the other side of the ball we were one of the healthiest teams in the league last year so you can expect a couple of injuries (hopefully not) just because that's the way it goes in the NFL. Add that to the fact that IMO we have one of the worst HC in the league and you'll get why I see the arrow pointing down.
    Saying that I would obviously love to be proven wrong with no injuries, a great draft, Romo better than ever and Garrett finaly learning how to be a real HC, I just don't see it and it's so darn depressing.
  13. DallasCowboysRule!

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    There's a certain detox period I go through after every season where I have to be cleansed of last season. After the draft I'll be able to better judge my excitement level.
  14. Coy

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  15. Zordon

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    They need to make a viagra for fandom, b/c my excitement levels are at an all-time low. Dark dark times are ahead.
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  16. cowboyblue22

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    with the schedule they have to play I don't think they win a game against any nfc west team don't think they beat saints or bears so that's six loses so I see a 5 and 11 or 4 and 12 season
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  17. KJJ

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    I'm excited for every football season regardless of how the Cowboys are looking because I love football and enjoy spending Sundays relaxing and watching the games. I'm certainly not excited about the Cowboys 2014 season it will likely be another 500 season or worse with them battling the Redskins for the basement in the NFC East.
  18. noshame

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    I excited no matter what happens, if we do well, great. If we do poorly, a blue chip qb in the '15 draft. Finally.
  19. Yakuza Rich

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    I cannot remember the last time I was less excited about this team. I'm thinking 2001. I think this team is a disaster in waiting in 2014.

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  20. theSHOW

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    did you say the whiff of the locker room?

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